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Version 3.6.6b - 06.24.2024 thru 06.25.2024

- Fixed a minor bug with the post cap positioning algorithm.
- Added the following Simpson post cap: APL6

Version 3.6.6 - 06.24.2024
- Added hardware (caps and bases) options to the post module.
- Updated the material/color parameter for (exterior) wall trim to include custom materials.
Version 3.5.5 - 06.22.2024
- Fixed a bug introduced in Version 3.4.7 for all rafter and truss roofs (when adv. roof options disabled).

!! **Critical Bug Fix** !!
This bug only reveals itself if you turn off the advanced roof options.  The bug applies to truss and rafter roofs.  I highly recommend updating to this latest version.
Tutorial #7:  Misc. Fixtures

Version 1.4.6 - 06.22.2024
- Added "generators" under misc. fixtures.
- Added "water heaters" under misc. fixtures.
- Added a variety of other common electrical devices categories under misc. fixtures.

Version 1.4.5 - 06.19.2024
- Added "disconnect switches" under misc. fixtures.
- Added a twin meter socket to the built-in library.
- Updated the Legend tool to include service entrance devices.
- Updated the Electrical Estimating module to include service entrance devices.
- Added voltage and amperage as parameters for service entrance devices.
- Changed the label text for service entrance devices to voltage and amperage.

Per customer request I also think it would be pertinent to add some disconnect/switches to the misc. tool. Typically in residential applications you will see these mounted externally for AC equipment or hot tubs. The more common ones are not too expensive so I thought it would be instructional to actually put my hands on some of these devices to better understand them and also for more accurate modeling reasons.

This is the 60A Square D QO200TRCP. I'm actually surprised at how sturdy this little enclosure is.
Version 1.4.4 - 06.17.2024
- Added the "Draw Service Entrance" function to the primary toolbar.
- Enabled the ability to draw service entrance devices: CSED and Meter Socket.

For the callout and 2D symbol I'm not really sure what I should use, for now I'm showing the device part number and a simple rectangle.  Any thoughts or suggestions in this regard will be appreciated.
Version 3.5.4 - 06.15.2024
- Fixed a bug introduced in Version 3.4.7 for all rafter and truss roofs.

!! Critical Bug Fix !!
Note that this bug only reveals itself if you have the sub-fascia for the truss or rafter roof turned off.  This bug applies to both truss and rafter roofs (gable).
So out of curiosity this morning I grabbed my 2024-2025 Wood Construction Connectors (Simpson Strong-Tie) manual and thumbed through it just to see what other beam hangers I might still be missing.  Apparently there is still quite a few that I haven't even broached yet (ie. HHUS, HHGU, HSKP etc..)

However towards the back of the section I came upon a couple of concealed hanger options that I've actually never seen before (and I thought I knew most of Simpson's product lines).

It's the ACBH and CBH series, has anyone actually seen these used in any of their projects?

Being that they are concealed when installed it stands to reason why I've never actually "seen" them before.  :)

The ACBH is machined out of aluminum which I found quite interesting.  They look expensive and pretty stout so they are probably a special order item, not something you will find on the shelves at Home Depot.  I guess you learn something new everyday.
Tutorial 49 - Component Libraries (13:05 min.)

Version 3.6.5 - 06.12.2024
Added the following Simpson Strong-Tie heavy girder hangers to the beam hanger library: HGUS5.62/10, HGUS5.62/12, HGUS5.62/14, HGUS6.88/10, HGUS6.88/12, HGUS6.88/14, HGUS7.37/10, HGUS7.37/12, HGUS7.37/14, HGUS26, HGUS26-2, HGUS26-3, HGUS26-4, HGUS28, HGUS28-2, HGUS28-3, HGUS28-4, HGUS210, HGUS210-2, HGUS210-3, HGUS210-4, HGUS212-3, HGUS212-4, HGUS214-3, HGUS214-4, HGUS5.25/10, HGUS46, HGUS48, HGUS410, HGUS412.
Version 3.5.3 - 06.09.2024
- Enabled a feature to selectively remove specific trusses from floor truss assemblies.
- Enabled a feature to selectively remove specific joists from I-joist and lumber floor assemblies.

Version 3.6.4 - 06.08.2024
- Added the following additional Wide Flange (W) beams to the beam module: W10X49, W10X54, W10X60, W10X68, W10X77, W10X88, W10X100, W10X112, W12X45, W12X50, W12X53, W12X58, W12X65, W12X72, W12X79, W12X87, W12X96, W12X106, W12X120, W12X136, W12X152, W12X170, W12X190, W30X90, W30X99, W30X108.
- Added the following Simpson Strong-Tie heavy girder hangers to the beam hanger library: HGUS2.75/10, HGUS2.75/12, HGUS2.75/14, HGUS3.25/10, HGUS3.25/12, HGUS412, HGUS5.25/10, HGUS5.25/12, HGUS5.5/8, HGUS5.5/10, HGUS5.5/12, HGUS5.5/14, HGUS7.25/8, HGUS7.25/10, HGUS7.25/12, HGUS7.25/14.
- Allowed the use of a period "." in custom beam hanger library names.

I still need to add more from this series (about another 30 hangers) to complete it and then there is also the HHUS series of hangers that need to be (modeled) and added.

- HHUS26-2
- HHUS28-2
- HHUS210-2
- HHUS210-3
- HHUS210-4
- HHUS410
- HHUS46
- HHUS48
- HHUS5.5/10
- HHUS7.25/10

Note that all of these hangers are now available on Simpson's website as IFC files which can be brought directly into SketchUp. However the files are generally a bit polygon heavy and are deeply nested in order to comply with IFC standards. What I am doing is using these 3D models as templates and generating my own low poly dimensionally accurate models which I then include as part of the standard (included) library for the beam module. The idea is to have these at your finger tips and not to be hassled with going out and having to download files and cleaning them up etc...
Version 1.9.9 - 06.06.2024
- Added additional rebar sizes for slab reinforcement for slab and SOG foundations: #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #14, #18.