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Version 0.8.7b - 07.19.2018
- Added a 5-Lite Circular Grille for all window types.
- Enabled all standard grille types for oval and round windows.

View model here:

This grille pattern was added per customer request, also note that it can be applied to any of the other rectangular window types (picture, single hung, slider).

Lately I've been having so many smaller feature requests that it has been hard to focus on some of the big ticket items.  I am doing my best not to be side tracked by these minor items and to just add them to the todo list so I can attend to them at a later date. 

The todo list is now over three pages long, so rather than shrink it has continued to grow.  Honestly the amount of items I'm currently looking at is really the work of an entire team of programmers, not just a single person.  So if my progress seems rather slow at times then it probably is.

I've been trying to get some of my kids (teenagers) interested in helping out with some of the coding over their summer break but they seemed to be more inclined to spend their time playing computer/console games.  I call them the Angry Birds or Pokemon Go generation.  All of this technology is great but unless it is harnessed correctly it seems more detrimental than good.

I have been primarily focused on the imperial/US units during the development but I also realize that a lot of current users are utilizing the plugin in metric units.  I am not at all familiar with construction and construction documents in metric units so I need a little help here.

What I am talking about is the callouts for windows and doors.  What is the appropriate way to show these callouts in metric units?  What is common or accepted practice?

Version 1.1.6b - 07.18.2018
- Fixed a bug in the updated registration system.

This is a critical update, the recently release version 1.1.6 will not allow the registration of the serial number.

Version 0.8.7 - 07.18.2018
- Added oval and round windows to the window draw and edit modules.
- Enabled trim, casing and window installation for oval and round windows.

I haven't enabled shutters or grilles yet for this window type, it is not high on my todo list unless I receive additional requests for these features.

The trim and casing options are also pretty much plain jane for now.

Let's see if I can't knock out the Garage Door module this evening.

I also thought it might be helpful to reiterate that if you are an educator (teacher, professor, school) or a student I am offering full licenses of all my plugins for educational use.  All that I ask is you provide some form of student ID or other proof that you are associated with an educational institution.  The educational licenses provided to educators also allow installation on up to 50 seats.

Oval / Round windows are certainly something new and a bit more challenging but now that I've got the algorithms worked out the rest is just a matter of generating the code.

For a triple casement window I am thinking a single frame with three sashes, does this seem reasonable?

Also I was thinking about oval and round windows earlier today and they are really one in the same, the only difference being the aspect ratio (height/width).  A round window is an oval window with an AR = 1.0:

Hence the window height and width will drive the shape of the oval, really no different than a rectangular window.

Version 0.8.6b - 07.16.2018
- Added shutters: Solid, Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Louver, Board & Batten to arched windows.
- Shutter geometry parameter allows for: Left, Right or Double.
- Fixed bug in arched window module that was causing unpredictable push-pull behavior.

Left, Right and Double:

View model here:

I've also addressed a bug with arched geometry where the push-pull direction was giving unpredictable results (flipping flopping between in and out).  Turns out that you need to clock your segments all in the same direction to get predictable results, which makes sense.  For some reason this did not occur to me as I was coding some of these sections of the main window module.

I"m not sure why you would want to put a single shutter to one side of a window but here it is just in case you need it:

I will have to wait until tomorrow to roll out all of the shutter updates its now 4:00AM and I'm done for now.

I think I've now beat this horse to death, shutters are available for rectangle and arched windows in all styles and geometry (Left, Right, Double).

After I add more window types I will probably need to revisit the shutter module but I don't think shutters are very common for more exotic window shapes (ie. ovals, triangles, trapezoids etc...)

I guess I haven't been defeated after all.  Using the follow-me method I was able to get it to work:

I now have all the shutter types working for arched windows:

View model here:

Arched window with flat panel shutters:

These arched shutters are proving to be a bit more challenging.  I will need to figure out a new algorithm for board and batten shutters and louver shutters. 

I don't have a half hip (rafter roof) setup yet however there is probably a workaround by combining a gable with a hip and then using the trim tool to manually trim some of the rafters, however I haven't really tried this at least not for a real design.

I took about 10-15 minutes and tried creating a half hip with a gable and hip roof as primitives.  Using the trim tool made it fairly easy to clean up the rafters, see results here:

Since the end result is not parametric you will want to be sure that you have all of your rafter depths, overhangs etc... set before you dive into the manual editing of such a roof.

This is obviously a painful and slow process.  Conclusion, I need to add in a half hip rafter roof.

Board and Batten Shutters:

Version 0.8.6 - 07.14.2018
- Added shutters: Solid, Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Louver to rectangular windows.

View model here:

Available shutter styles are:

- Solid
- Raised Panel
- Flat Panel
- Louver

I have not yet enabled shutters for arched windows, that will be next.

I also need to add in a board & batten shutter which is also quite popular.

Also note that you can position the shutters on either side of the window (left or right, single shutter) or the more common double shutter configuration as shown.

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