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I am curious how to handle a situation where the brick ledge terminates along a linear stretch of stemwall?

Here I have a 10" stemwall with brickledge meeting a 6" stemwall without.  What is typically done in this situation?

Version 1.5.0 - 09.19.2019
- Added a brick ledge option for stemwall steps.
- Added a parameter which allows the lapping of brick ledges for the following stemwall step types: Top, Double.

Note that the "ledge lap" parameter does not apply to Bottom steps, the step shown in the middle of the image.

The lap distance can be set by the "Ledge Lap Distance" parameter independently of the ledge height.

View model here:

I would really like to see someone use the extension to model up a fairly complex project (for construction) and get a little more feedback on the weaknesses and strengths of the plugin as it currently stands.

First look at stemwall steps with brick ledge (and insulation):

Now I just need to enable the "Ledge Lap" parameter which will allow for an overlapping of the brick ledge for Top and Double steps, obviously this does not apply for the Bottom step type.

I got back in from Utah just about a month ago.  In the last four weeks I've managed to make quite a dent in this plugin (15 major updates, version 1.3.5 thru 1.5.0).  I'm pretty excited with the way this plugin is finally taking shape, there is always more to do,  but it is beginning to feel like a much more useful extension now.

Version 1.4.9b - 09.19.2019
- Fixed a bug in the Layers tab of the Global Settings.

*** Critical Fix ***

This seemingly minor typo in the HTML prevents the user from saving their updated settings within the Layers tab of the global settings.  I highly recommend upgrading to version 1.4.9b in order to resolve this issue.

Versions 1.4.2 thru 1.4.9 are affected by this bug.

Now that I have stemwalls and brick ledges on my mind it seems clear that we probably need a brick ledge option for stemwall steps:

However, as I'm looking around at various examples of brick ledges combined with steps it appears that sometimes the brick ledge laps as shown in this image:

Do I need another parameter so that the designer can lap the brick ledge?

View model here:

I think we are just about ready to fully retire the old stemwall tool.  The only thing I am missing with the new polyline tool is joist pockets, I guess there is always one more thing.

Joist pockets would be a feature that would be on a per edge basis.  Like brick ledges for slab-on-grades there would be no "move" function, only draw, edit and delete tools.  So essentially I need one more toolbar for joist pockets, with three icons... I know everyone is about ready to hit me right now, with all of these toolbars I keep adding, I'm sorry. 

In my defense though I should point out that the user can easily disable/turn off  any of the toolbars that they do not commonly use, so that they do not overly clutter their SketchUp workspace. 

Joist pockets are not a high priority in my opinion.  I have a few western US builders who use them on a regular basis but I don't think they are as popular anymore.  I'm going to put this option on the back burner for a while, however as they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease so I'm always open to suggestion if you feel otherwise.

Version 1.4.9 - 09.19.2019
- Added a brick ledge option for polyline stemwalls.
- Fixed a bug with regards to metric templates for foundation vents within polyline stemwalls.

Note that the top rebar is offset from the bottom rebar so that it stays centered within the decreased width of the upper stemwall.  Anchor bolt placement and FPSF insulation is also adjusted accordingly as shown.

The example shown is a 10" stemwall with a 4" brick ledge.

As previously discussed the brick ledge option is an assembly wide option and not on a per edge basis, hopefully this is flexible enough for most designers.

Here is a simple example of a stemwall foundation where the front of the house would have brick veneer and the rear and sides would be siding or stucco:

Notice how the dimensions for the sections of the walls that support the brick are thickened accordingly and the model splits the foundation into two separate stemwall assemblies to achieve this.

View model here:

In a situation like this one would not need brick ledges on a per edge basis since those stemwalls sections with brick would require a different (thicker/larger) profile to deal with the extra dead load of the veneer.

If there is a valid argument for a brick ledge tool that works on a per edge basis I will entertain it, but I need to see a situation where there would be call for this.

There is one final issue or missing feature with the polyline stemwall tool and that is brick ledges.  I have been working on the complex roof module this evening but I really feel like I need to address the brick ledge issue before I leave the foundation plugin development for a spell.

Originally my thinking was that a brick ledge option for stemwalls needed to be on a per edge basis.  However, even if this were the case the stemwall thickness and footing size would still remain the same for all of the assembly, even for those segments that do not have brick ledges.

Typically I would assume that a stemwall foundation should have a thicker stemwall and footing for those walls that are supporting brick veneer.  If this is the case then it actually makes more sense to have a global option for the assembly rather than a per edge basis.

Please correct me if I am wrong here.

I guess I need a bit of guidance, perhaps some more more examples of stemwall foundation plans with brick ledges (and some walls without) would be extremely helpful.

Version 1.4.8c - 09.18.2019
- Fixed bugs within the Stemwall and SOG move tools regarding: brick ledges, blockouts, and openings.

This is a critical fix for the items mentioned above and I highly recommend upgrading to this latest version.

Adjusting a Slab on Grade foundation with brick ledges:

[Click on image to view Animation]

Looks like the openings are now behaving properly with the Stemwall move tool:

[Click animated GIF to view]

Version 1.4.8b - 09.17.2019
- Removed the "Draw Slab on Grade" icon from the main toolbar.
- Added the SOG Foundation toolbar.
- Added the "Move SOG Edge" icon to the SOG foundation toolbar.
- Added the "Move SOG Edge" function to the context menu for polygon SOG assemblies.
- Enabled the "Move SOG Edge" tool for polygon/face SOG assemblies.

Tutorial 9 - Moving Stemwall Segments (10:20 min.):

Version 1.4.8 - 09.17.2019
- Added the "Move Stemwall Segment" icon to the stemwall toolbar.
- Added the "Move Stemwall Segment" function to the context menu for polyline stemwall assemblies.
- Enabled the "Move Stemwall Segment" tool for polyline stemwalls.

I think the best way to explain this new feature is to provide a demonstration.  I will be releasing another tutorial shortly showing how this new tool is used.  I think you will find it very convenient.

Note that openings and blockouts are going to need some further adjustment to their algorithms in order to play nicely with this new feature.  I'm already working on the solution.

I'm really enjoying the new parametrics and the blockout functions:

I initially created the (polyline) stemwall foundation then cut out the garage door with the blockout tool.  Then I drew in the slab (polygon) option.  At that point I decided I wanted a man door 4" off the right front corner, so I used the blockout tool again to create this opening.

Then I realized that slab needed to also flow into this opening so I used the "Edit Slab Outline" feature to modify the outline of the slab and, Voila!  Done.

No manual edits and no having to delete and then recreate assemblies, I like this.

View model here:

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