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Version 3.5.2 - 05.30.2024
- Enabled ceiling insulation for floor trusses: Batt, Blown-in.
- Enabled ceiling insulation for I-Joist and Lumber floors: Batt, Blown-in.
- Fixed a bug with ceiling gypsum for inset floors (I-joist and Lumber).
- Fixed a minor bug with joist hangers for common lumber sizes for inset floors.

Honestly I didn't want to spend too much time updating this module since the new Floor plugin will supersede it, however since I do intend on retaining it within the Truss plugin for the foreseeable future, I thought it best to bring it up to speed with the other truss assemblies, and add the insulation option.

Some of these updates seem small now and very incremental however they all take time and energy and they usually involve fairly tedious updates to the attribute library code and the HTML menus.

The Truss plugin overall probably still has the most work that needs to be done of all the plugins.  Compared to the Wall plugin this plugin has many partially finished tools and features and still certain trusses that are missing advanced options.  The work will go on.
Version 3.5.1 - 05.28.2024

  • Enabled ceiling insulation for gambrel attic and attic trusses: Batt, Blown-in.
  • Enabled ceiling insulation for scissor trusses: Batt, Blown-in.

Version 3.5.0 - 05.26.2024
- Enabled "flat" ceiling gypsum for dutch gable rafter roofs.
- Enabled "flat" ceiling gypsum for hip rafter roofs.
- Fixed a bug with the global settings for rafter and truss roofs when the layer/tags option is turned off.

Version 3.4.7 introduced a bug for both rafter and truss roofs when the layers/tags option is turned off.  This release fixes that bug.  I highly recommend that everyone download this latest update to correct this bug.
Yes, pitches of different roof planes can be adjusted by clicking the roof plane tool.
Version 3.4.9 - 05.26.2024
- Enabled "vaulted" ceiling insulation for gable rafter roofs (symmetric and asymmetric): Batt, Blown-in.
- Added "vaulted" ceiling gypsum to gable rafter roofs.
- Enabled "flat" ceiling gypsum for gable rafter roofs with ceiling joists option enabled.

Tutorial 30: General Roof Connections (16:54 min.)

Please email me any feedback or suggestions on this new feature.
Version 3.4.8 - 05.25.2024
- Enabled Roof Connections for the following additional truss types: tray, monocathedral, cambered, monoscissor and coffer.
- Enabled Roof Connections for hip and dutch gable rafter roofs.
- Enabled the "Edit Roof Assembly" function for dutch gable rafter roofs (imperial and metric units).
- Enabled the following 3D roof cladding material for dutch gable rafter roofs: Metal.

Version 3.4.7 - 05.23.2024
- Enabled Roof Connections between complex roofs, rafter roofs, truss roofs and solid groups.
- Added the "Configure Roof Connection" feature to the edit menu for complex, rafter and truss roofs.

This is not a completely new feature however the configuration capability introduced (and the level of granularity achievable) is new and somewhat experimental at this point.  I'm sure it will take a few updates and versions before all the issues are worked out and all the necessary refinement is achieved.

Also note that that not all rafter roofs and not all truss types have this feature enabled yet.  The following rafter roofs have been enabled:

- Gable
- Shed
- Shed w/ Ledger

The following truss types have been enabled:

- Common
- Monopitch
- Scissor
- Attic
- Tail Bearing
- Symmetric Cathedral
- Cathedral
- Parallel Chord

More to come soon...
Here is what the configuration menu will look like for each roof "connection":

This will allow for independently adjusting the trimming for each attached roof.  By default the connection will trim everything on the primary roof but it can be adjusted as needed.

I now have the basic system in place and working for the rafter roofs but if you look closely you can see there is still some refinement necessary.  The example shown is two gable rafter roofs that are connected, with the trimming of the primary roof limited to only framing, cladding, gutters and soffit/fascia.  Note that the insulation, gypsum, rafters and sheathing is not trimmed on the primary roof:

The tricky part with the refinement is how best to generate the cutting solid to subtract away the unwanted portions of the roof(s).  Currently the way I am doing it is using the hidden roof primitive and the roof outline.  I basically take the roof outline, extrude it vertically down and then union this solid with the roof primitive above.  The resulting solid is then used to subtract against the geometry of any attached roofs.  This seems to work reasonably well in most cases but as you can see with the soffit and fascia (and the gutters) there is some overlapping and other minor complications.  The insulation also gets a little carved out in places but it is mostly acceptable.

Thoughts or suggestions?
I will be running a Memorial Day promotion beginning May 22th until Jun. 5th with 35% off of the regular mdkBIM bundle price (permanent license) using the coupon code MEMORIAL24.

This will reduce the bundle price from $280.00 USD to $182.00 USD. This promo code does not apply to any of the extensions purchased separately.  As part of this promotion a permanent license for the electrical plugin will be included upon request. The offer ends on Jun. 5th and no rain checks will issued thereafter.