Vermont Ground Snow Loads TM

Use our Vermont Ground Snow Loads map to easily determine the ground snow load (Vermont 2012 Fire & Building Safety Code: Annex VII) for any location in the State of Vermont. You can click on the map below to find the design ground snow load for that location.

The total roof snow load, including additional loading effects due to drifting snow, sliding snow, unbalanced loading conditions and partial loading conditions, shall not be less than 40 psf for roofs with a slope less than or equal to 5 degrees, and shall not be less than the slope factor (Cs) times 40 psf for roofs with a slope greater than 5 degrees. This minimum roof snow load shall not apply to the windward side for unbalanced loading conditions, or to the partially loaded spans for partial loading conditions.

Higher ground snow loads may be appropriate for building sites in mountainous areas.
* Ground snow loads derived from Vermont Fire & Building Safety Code zone map. Local codes and ammendments may govern,verify with local building department or jurisdiction.

Use our Roof Snow Load Calculator to determine your design roof snow loads.
If you have any questions or concerns about specific ground snow loads within the State of Vermont please call us at 1-425-741-5555.

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