Privacy Policy

Medeek Design Inc is committed to honoring the privacy of our customers as well as any other clients or visitors to our website.

Personal and financial information collected via our website or through any other means of communication, is held in strict confidence and is not divulged to any outside source without your consent.

We also are committed to providing a secure pathway for transactions such that our clients' information is protected against fraudulent misuse.

Truthful and Accurate Communications

Medeek Design does not engage in deceptive or misleading trade practices regarding any aspect of electronic commerce, advertising, marketing and the use of technology. Every effort is made to clearly and accurately represent all products and services offered.

Communications Accessibility

Medeek Design shall remain accessible to customers and prospective customers by email, postal mail, telephone and fax communications with current contact information posted on the web site at all times.

Customer Satisfaction

Medeek Design shall strive to ensure customer satisfaction in all transactions as stated in our Guarantee. Medeek Design shall respond to all communications in a timely manner and strive to resolve any complaints or disputes as quickly as possible to our customers satisfaction.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy please contact us.

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