Custom Plans

When it comes to customizing your building plans, there are a few options available. Begin with your builder. Sometimes the builder or contractor can make minor changes on site. Often this will achieve the desired changes without having to go to the expense of having the original construction drawings modified. Be sure to discuss the details of your specific changes with the builder before construction begins. Another option is to purchase a reproducible master or CAD files and have a residential designer or architect make changes locally. The final option is to complete a modification request form and submit it to Medeek Design for customization. We will determine if the changes can be made and provide a free quote for the modifications within 3-4 business days. All requests must be submitted in writing. Additional changes may be required after you receive your modified planset to ensure the plans meet your local building codes. If you decide to work with a local professional to have him/her make your changes, it will be necessary to purchase either a reproducible master or a CAD file. Each comes with a copyright release granting legal permission to modify and copy the original design.

Customization Cost

Customizing costs vary greatly depending on the building plan and the types of changes you want to make. Therefore we do not give quotes for modifications without a completed modification request form. We must have all modification requests in writing. Please fill out the form with all your specified changes and submit it as directed on the modification page. We will then contact you with a free customizing quote within 3-4 business days.

Brick vs. Siding

Whether you want to change the exterior finish of a building plan for personal preference or economical reasons, it can often be done without causing problems. Be sure to consult with a local building professional or your contractor to discuss the details of the changes you wish to make to the exterior finish of the building. Also, keep in mind when adding brick as the exterior finish, it is necessary to modify the foundation and create a brick ledge. If you plan to eliminate brick from the façade, the brick ledge is not necessary.

2x4 vs. 2x6

Most of our house, garage, shop and barn plans come with 2x6 wall framing. However, construction drawings can be modified for 2x4 framing. In general, this is a simple change that can often be handled by your builder during construction. Please check with your builder or building official for information about local requirements.

Please contact us with your modification questions and we will be happy to work with you.

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