Bill of Materials included in all Plansets

A Bill of Materials is included with all our plansets. You can estimate materials costs of your building project before purchasing any plans. The bill of materials lists are free and in Excel format so you can expand or modify as needed.

To request, a Bill of Materials (Excel Spreadsheet) for any of our plansets, prior to purchasing, please contact us us via email or call 1-425-741-5555.

The bill of materials list is a fundamental part of a complete building planset. Materials suppliers need it for the basis of their supply list and cost summary. Builders need it for their preliminary estimates. Plans examiners/ building officials need it to verify that the intended materials specifications comply with building code requirements.

Certain items in the lists may require substitution, such as wood species and their regional differences. Your final list may be completed with substitutions and also may reflect modifications for your particular project. The basic materials list, as part of the planset, can save you time and expense - but remember it is a basic list, not a complete list.

As a basic list there are some materials and components, such as flashings, specialized fastenings and hardware, electrical, mechanical and plumbing items, sealants, adhesives, moldings and other finishings which are not included, as they will be specific to your project. Your builder and suppliers will be able to add them as needed in developing their final cost summaries and bids.

All Medeek Design plansets include the bill of materials list, specific to the plan you purchase on the first sheet of the drawing set and also as a separate Excel spreadsheet (for editing purposes). This is provided free of charge so you can estimate the materials costs of your building project before purchasing any of our plans.

If you have any questions regarding the bill of materials for a particular planset, please contact us.

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