Sample Drawings

All our plans are professionally designed, engineered (as required) and drawn with meticulous accuracy and clarity. We use 24" x 36" prints (Arch D Size), full color for maximum legibility and detail. Compliance with the latest International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) requirements assures successful building permit approval in most locations. There are some regions which will require special engineering for any structure, always consult with your local building officials prior to selecting a planset.

Plansets are available immediately after purchase or registration as full size PDF documents. Most of the content of the drawing sheets is specific to that particular plan/design with some common details that are shared across multiple plansets. Every planset on our site lists the contents of its sheets with a large preview of each sheet so that you can examine all the details of the planset in its entirety. Most of our plansets will include the following information:

In addition to the regular printed planset, every order includes full 3D models of the entire structure in eDrawings format. If your order includes the printed planset option, we will ship you (2) copies of the complete planset (24"x36" Arch D Size), collated and stapled. Our downloadable PDF files are made from the original drawing files so electronically delivered and shipped paper documents are of the same content and quality.

We have selected three drawings from the Studio/Garage Plan (SHOP4824-A6DB) as samples available for download below. This should give a reasonable indication as to the level of detail and quality one can expect from any of our plansets.

To view the sample drawings click on the links below to download the full size 24" x 36" PDF files.

Sample Building Overview & BOM

Sample Basement & Foundation Plan

Sample Dormer Framing Plan

If you have any questions or need assistance with these files contact us.

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