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The Medeek Truss Plugin is a SketchUp Plugin that provides a simple interface for creating accurate 3D truss and roof geometry within SketchUp. This plugin utilizes the SketchUp Ruby API programming interface and is compatible with the latest SketchUp releases (SketchUp Make 2016 64-bit and SketchUp Pro 2016 64-bit) as well as previous versions (2013, 2014, 2015).

The current Medeek Truss Plugin menu has seven icons or sub-menus:

The available items within these sub-menus are the following:

  1. Draw Roof Truss:
    • Common
    • Attic
    • Monopitch
    • Scissor
    • Tail Bearing
  2. Draw Floor Truss:
    • Floor Truss
    • TJI Joist
    • Lumber Joist (solid sawn)
  3. Draw Truss Set:
    • Valley Set
  4. Draw Roof Rafters:
    • Gable Roof
    • Gable Roof w/ GLB
    • TJI Roof w/ GLB
    • Hip Roof
    • Shed Roof
    • Shed Roof w/ Ledger
  5. Draw Minor Roof:
    • (Under Construction)
  6. Engineering Calculations:
    • Truss (common truss types only)
    • Beam (glulam beams only)
  7. Global Settings:
    • (Under Construction)
Note, some menus show additional items that are either under construction or planned for future releases.

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials are currently available on YouTube:

  1. Tutorial 1 (26:37 min.)
  2. Tutorial 2 (7:56 min.)
  3. Tutorial 3 (12:45 min.)
  4. Engineering (30:30 min.)
Sample SketchUp models related to these tutorials files can be downloaded here.


The current version of the Medeek Truss Plugin is 1.2.9.

View the Medeek Truss Plugin Changlog for more information on updates to this plugin.

For a more in depth look at the development of the plugin and related discussions please visit the Medeek Forum.

WARNING: The Medeek Truss Plugin is currently under development. The user may encounter unintended behavior due to the addition of new features on a daily basis. Always backup your data to separate file names to provide redundancy in case of file corruption or other data loss scenarios.

Medeek Truss Plugin Documentation

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