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Windows and doors not appearing

Started by 2Harry, December 22, 2023, 09:21:18 AM

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I have just installed the trial version of the wall plugin.  The walls appear as expected but when inserting a window or door only the empty opening and the framing around it appear.  There are no jambs, trims, sashes, slabs or any other geometry for the these items.

I'm using Sketchup 2022 Pro

Is there a setting in the app that needs to be turned enabled?  Is there a door/window library that needs to be installed?  Or is this a restriction of the trial version?



Turn on the advanced settings which will then turn on the trim, installed window and casing.
Nathaniel P. Wilkerson, P.E.


Yes, I realized this after I watched a few video tutorials. I should have done that first before asking dumb questions!

Thanks for answering anyway.


I cannot stress enough that everyone should start by watching as many tutorial videos as possible:

The plugin is now very deep and very broad with all sort of capabilities and "too many" parameters/options.  Unless you watch the tutorials you will not fully understand the power of this plugin and what it can do. 

Some complain that there are too many parameters but without all of these options the plugin would not be flexible enough and sooner or later you would find yourself running into something that you wish you had an option for. 
Nathaniel P. Wilkerson, P.E.