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I've been considering add an advanced option for Quoins (outside corners only):

The required parameters would probably be:

Length 1:
Length 2:

View model here:

That would be awesome!I look forward to it..

Hi Nathaniel, how did you draw this example, please. Thank you
warm regards
Larry O'Shea

Changing gears from exterior trim to gable walls you can see in the image below that a symmetric gable wall with equal wall heights and equal pitches is only the tip of the iceberg.  In the example below the pitches are equal but the start and end wall heights differ by four feet.  One could also have different roof pitches so the pitches may differ as well.

Theoretically one could draw a scenario like this with two "shed" wall panels butted up to each other except for the problem that the door would bisect this wall junction, hence it must be drawn as a single wall panel.

Also note the double stud placement at the pitch break.  This may not be typical for all builders but I would recommend this more conservative approach rather than a single stud at the pitch break.

Looking at this wall segment it occurs to me that wall panels that connect to this panel at the corners or tee into it cannot be treated the same way rectangular wall panels connect with lapping top plates. 

Again, things just got a little more interesting.

The most common (balloon framed) gable shapes are probably the following:

- Shed (monopitch with different start and end wall heights)
- Symmetric Gable (equal pitches and equal wall heights)
- Non-symmetric Gable (equal/unequal pitches and equal/unequal wall heights)
- Symmetric Gambrel (dual pitch equal and equal wall heights)
- Hip  (equal pitch, equal wall heights with a flat middle section)
- Clerestory (equal/unequal pitches with equal/unequal wall heights with a kneel wall at pitch break)

Please feel free to add to this list.  I believe the first three of this list are the highest priority.

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