Author Topic: Expand Foundation Types to Include Plint and or Grade Beam  (Read 62 times)

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Expand Foundation Types to Include Plint and or Grade Beam
« on: October 11, 2021, 01:02:14 am »
Nathan, Have you given any consideration to adding a Grade Beam with Caged Rebar?  This would allow for a stout foundation to support Mass Wall Construction (PISE, Rammed Earth), walls can range from 12" to 36" Thick and requires a Solid Foundation to Carry the load. The Grade beam is also used in poor and expansive soils with Peirs. The additional tool would include size and number of longitudinal reinforcements, length, number and spacing of stirrups. The number and size of top, bottom and extra reinforcements, lap length and placement, spacers, hooks and clear reinforcement cover as options.  Your Foundation Extension could be modified to include the Grade Beam under the "Strip Footing Tool" by adding the Top Rebar, Side Rebar and Sturrips function along with Number of Rebar Options for Each. This would greatly Enhance the Extension for Other Types of Construction and Soil Types. Also have are you familiar with a "Rubble Trench Foundation"? This is a foundation thats a good alternative to a massive concrete foundation, this would save on materials and reduce the carbon foot print.  Any consideration for Expanding the Extension to include a Plinth and or a Grade Beam would be Great.

Thier are quite a few authors for PISE "Pneumatically Stabilized Earth", Rammed Earth, if your interested I can send a few book referances and a wall Detail in Sketchup showing the construction.

Thank You,

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