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I'm trying to add ceiling lights to a room, and they are installing backwards on the plane as a floor element. :(

What are the required settings / groups for the plugin to recognize ceilings from floors in this instance?


Click on the plane that is facing the room (facing down).  Also make sure your ceiling "group" has its faces oriented correctly.  I like to use the Solid Inspector plugin found in the warehouse.

Reverse facing did the trick; it didn't *look* reversed, but once I flipped the face it was obvious. :)

That's what I get for staying up too late messing with models. Thank you for the assist!

This potential issue can also apply to generic walls or floors.  Always make sure that your faces are oriented correctly.  The electrical plugin uses that orientation to determine how to position/rotate the electrical fixtures.  Solid Inspector is your friend, and it is one of my favorite plugins.

Spoke too soon. :( The reverse face had seemed to work and that was my final test so I got a subscription, entered it, restarted...

And now it doesn't work again. I was able to add a light fixture to the ceiling easily, but using the floor outlet option to put one in the ceiling looks like it will work, but instead they all bunch up at the far corner of the ceiling group. It's hard to explain, so I made a video to show: The selection before I click even looks like it will be in the correct ceiling orientation.. but every click just stacks another in the corner of the group. :(


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