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Hmmm...not sure how to post screen shots here?
Wow very appreciated! So I just draw a door model in sketch, save it, and drop it into the library? and it will allow me to plug it  in?

however when i created a door, and dropped it into the library/ door folder, it did not show up in the global setting options?
to add an addendum to creating door profiles, creating door trim would also be valuable. I have to leave off the trim in the doors im inserting into my model so i can add my own profile. Is there a way to integrate my own into the system?
Hi there, I bought your suite because I think it has a lot of great potential!

Few questions:

1)Is there a way to tap into some sort of component edit and create a different door design that lets say a mission style? and use that creation in the integrated system? it seems like you should be able to insert something you can model yourself and the system uses its parameters as a savable option?

2) can I just create a drywall passthrough opening instead of a door?

3) Bifolds?

4)Is the join tool not working? I created two walls so i could make a drywall opening where an adjacent wall is part of the jamb and join the two walls together to remove the big drywall seam, but the join did not work.