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Door and window 2D and dimensions

Started by Irunfree, December 31, 2021, 05:24:21 AM

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Currently, the 2D for windows and doors is on [all_dim1_unit_size] and is the UNIT SIZE. The wall tools measurements on [wall_dim3_item_num] are given as the ROUGH OPENING, as is the 2D graphic on [wall_symbol].

I would like the option to have all of the references to be ROUGH OPENING but also have the option for these layers to display the UNIT SIZE instead. It happens to be the way one of my main builders wants the information.

Also, is it possible on the dimensions tag [wall_dim3_item_num] to have the dimension to be to center of window? 

And just one more idea, how about adding dimensions for the window bottom and top? To complicate things the top and bottom measurements would also have the option for top and bottom of the UNIT or for ROUGH OPENING.  :D