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Version 3.0.8 - 01.03.2023
- Added ICF options in to the Insulation tab of the Global Settings.
- Added an ICF wall framing option for all wall types.
- Added four additional ICF parameters into the wall Draw and Edit menus.
- Fixed a bug with the plan view auto-dimensioning module.
- Enabled trim, ext. wainscoting and quoins for CMU Core and ICF wall types.

The bug associated with the upgrade that brought you plan view dimensions will cause the plugin to abort during regeneration when installing garage doors into a wall.  It is highly recommended that you install this latest update which addresses this bug and a couple more minor bugs with the plan view dimension feature.
Here is a preview of the global settings (Insulation tab) with the new parameters:

I've had quite a few requests for ICF walls in the past few months.  Apparently this method of construction has some popularity even though it may not be as common as traditional framing.  I may consider adding this as an additional option for the Wall plugin.

From a programming standpoint it really isn't too different from the CMU option, the only real complication may arise when dealing with t-intersections with other ICF walls, but I'm sure I can program my way around that one. 

The corner configurations are a bit more complicated than CMU or NO FRAMING however it is essentially the same from a coding and geometric standpoint.

Doors and windows involve cutting through three solids (insul - conc - insul) instead of one.

My only concern is whether or not to make the concrete and insulation thickness configurable at a global level or at a wall level.  I supposed there could be situations where different ICF sizes could be used on a single project?  Thoughts?
Version 3.0.7 - 12.30.2022
- Added error checking code into various HTML menus to detect non-existent custom materials used within wall, door and window presets.
- Updated the Wall Stretch tool with an improved wireframe preview.
- Changed the default value for the header extension parameter to zero for doors, windows and garage doors.

The third item in this list was per customer request.
Just cleaning up some loose ends before the start of the New Year.

One issue that is sometimes encountered is when a custom material is defined in the Material Library and then after using it in a Wall Preset it is subsequently deleted.

When this happens and that particular Wall Preset is loaded the plugin tries to assign that custom material in the Draw or Edit wall menu.  If you try this you will quickly notice the drop down box for the material is blank and no valid material is selected.  This inevitably leads to an error either being thrown within the plugin code itself or within the javascript of the HTML menu pages (not sure which at this point).

I need to devise some error checking in the HTML/Javascript to detect this problem if it pops up and gracefully resolve it rather than locking up the plugin.  If I can fix this it will not only save the end user from annoying headaches but also eliminate unnecessary support calls and emails for myself.
Version 3.0.6 - 12.28.2022
- Added a "Jamb Interior" parameter into the Draw and Edit menus for doors.
- Enabled this parameter for both rectangular and arched doors.
- Added this parameter to the Doors tab of the Global Settings.

This update was per my previous notes and per customer request.
Digging through my notes and todo list this afternoon.  I noticed that when you do not install a door and you choose an option other than Option C (Gypsum Only) for the casing then their is no internal casing installed as shown below

My reasoning behind this is that in this particular case you would probably choose not to install the door because you have provided your own custom door for the opening, so no interior casing is needed or wanted. 

However, where the wall is an interior wall there is a possible additional case where you simply want to have a framed opening between rooms without a door.  In this situation you do want the interior casing provided.

This casing would only be instantiated if the install door option was turned off.

However it makes sense to have this option available on a door-by-door basis:

Jamb Interior: YES/NO

In order to not overly complicate the matter I will assume the same shim gap as the typical pre-hung installed door and the interior jamb thickness will be the same as the jamb thickness (typically 0.75 inches).

General Forum / Re: Future of Medeek Plugins
December 15, 2022, 05:21:27 PM
I apologize but I suffered a fairly major lower back injury in September and it has really put a wrench in the spokes for the last few months.  I am now recovering but even so I can only sit at my desk for a couple of hours and then I need to take a break.  The Floor Plugin is my next big push and hopefully I will finally get it released early on in the new year.  I appreciate everyone's patience.
Version 3.0.5 - 12.15.2022
- Enabled auto-dimensioning for plan views of all wall panels.
- Added the "Dimension Offset 2" and "Plan Dimensions" parameters to the General tab of the global settings.
- Updated the Add Material and Edit Material HTML menus so that commas cannot be used in Custom Material names.

Note that framing dimensions (elevations) and plan dimensions (plan view) can be turned on and off independent of each other in the global settings.  Also the additional offset parameters allows one to adjust both offsets independently as well.  However both dimensions are placed on the same layer (at least for now).

Currently the plan view dimension option will assign an overall dimension for the wall length and then separate dimensions for windows, doors and garage doors.  I do not have it inserting dimensions for more custom features like Simpson Strong Walls or in-wall columns.

This new feature is per customer request.
Due to popular demand I have decided to extend the renewal and mdkBIM promotion until Dec. 5, 2022.
Version 2.0.7 - 11.01.2022
- Added four additional top chord point loads under advanced loads for solar panel installations and other applications.

Version 3.2.0 - 11.28.2022
- Fixed a minor bug with the roof cladding thickness parameter when the materials option is toggled off.

Strange that I never noticed this bug before but I guess most of us turn on the materials option so that is probably why no one ever really noticed.  I highly recommend turning on the materials options to get the full bang for your buck out of the plugin but in the rare chance you don't want to this bug fix will take care of the previous issue reported above.
Version 3.1.9 - 11.25.2022
- Enabled subtractive geometry for all shed rafter roofs.

I will be running a thanksgiving promotion beginning Nov. 23rd until Dec. 1st. with 35% off of the regular mdkBIM bundle price (permanent license) using the coupon code GIVETHANKS22.

This will reduce the bundle price from $280.00 USD to $182.00 USD. This promo code does not apply to any of the extensions purchased separately or for the electrical plugin. The offer ends on Dec. 1 and no rain checks will issued thereafter.

I will also be running a separate renewal promotion for existing customers, the details will be sent out in a bulk email.
Version 3.0.4 - 09.15.2022
- Added XPS foam insulation as a built-in cavity insulation option.
- Added XPS foam insulation as a built-in sheathing option.

In the material folder I've also included a zero-border version that can be utilized as a custom material.