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Version 3.3.1b - 09.04.2023
- Refined the framing algorithm for hip, valley and flying hip rafters.

All of the major framing members are now being drawn however the trimming of certain rafters is still not quite correct, further refinement and correction will be necessary. 

I've also noticed that with certain large roof planes an occasional stray edge is generated (or left behind when the roof primitive is created), I will need to look into this further and rectify the issue.  It does not appear to be a critical error but it does effectively split the roof plane into two separate faces which then makes the plugin treat the roof plane as two separate faces.

With the flying hips terminating adjacent to valley rafters I'm not entirely sure how that is typically framed.

Please download and test this latest release and then email me comments or suggestions directly.
Just when I think I've seen it all with complex roofs, I draw this small test roof:

Notice how the valley rafter continues on to become a flying hip higher up on the roof (I've colored the rafters of interest).  Crazy stuff.  My hat is off to the guys who actually frame these roofs up in real life, what a nightmare.
Version 3.3.1 - 09.03.2023
- Added hip, valley and flying hip rafters to the complex roof framing module.

The first thing you will notice is that the upper ends of the hip and valley rafters are not correctly trimmed, only the bottom ends.  Also flying hips are not trimmed on their upper or lower ends.  The trimming algorithm for these rafters is the next thing on my todo list.

Unlike the lower end trimming, the upper end will require a much more sophisticated algorithm so it may take some time.  The problem really is that there a number of possibilities for termination and the plugin needs to be be able to check for all of those possibilities.  No one said complex roof are easy.

Nothing is easy with complex roofs, the math is hard, the code is hard and the topology/trigonometry can be very challenging.  Fortunately I do like these sorts of hard problems but even I have to take a small break once in a while to let my head rest and regroup. 

Last night I was trying to figure out how to handle the asymmetric offset (lateral and vertical) for hip and valley rafters when the adjacent roof planes are different pitches.  The problem was that I did not have a good way to determine which of the two pitches was to the left or right of the rafter.  I was only able to solve the problem after calling it a night and then the solution (cross product of the flattened normal vectors of the roof planes) came to me while watching another episode of "How's it Made" on the Discovery channel.  Sometimes I think my best programming actually happens when I'm not actually programming :)
First look at a complex roof with the hips, flying hips and valleys drawn. The framing module still has quite a ways to go but at least this is a start on these elements:

Version 3.3.0 - 08.31.2023
- Added a rafter offset parameter for complex roof framing.
- Fixed a minor bug with complex roof framing for half hip roofs set to custom pitches.

The rafter offset parameter will now allow the user to offset the rafter framing any custom amount (positive or negative) for each roof plane independently.
Version 3.2.9c - 08.30.2023
- Fixed the non-orthogonal rafter framing bug for complex roofs.

I think I have finally resolved the confounded non-orthogonal rafter framing issue (it has been almost two years).  It turns out the fix was simply replacing a complex piece of logic with two lines of code, sometimes simple is better.

I highly recommend updating to this latest release.  I apologize that it has taken this long to rectify the issue, I was made aware of it about 18 months ago but it has taken me a while to circle back and determine the cause and then the solution.  Thank-you everyone for your patience.

After testing non-orthogonal roofs this afternoon I realized that it would be handy to have the ability to custom offset the rafter spacing for each roof plane.  Sometimes the algorithm is not smart enough to correctly position the rafters exactly where one might want them.  I will give this some additional consideration.
On a related note I was asked if the color for the steel framing can be changed? The actual material assigned is hard coded in by the plugin however once you create your first wall you can then modify the (3) materials created by the plugin within the Materials tray in SketchUp:
  • medeek_cfs
  • medeek_cfs_2x6
  • medeek_cfs_2x4
Note: Once a material is created by the plugin it does not attempt to recreate it unless it is deleted. Hence any modifications made to the material will "stick".

Version 3.2.9b - 08.28.2023 thru 08.29.2023
- Fixed a critical bug with the hip rafter roof module.

Unfortunately I never noticed this error/bug because I usually test the plugin with the advanced options turned on automatically.  If the advanced options are turned off and a hip roof is attempted and error will be thrown.  This bug fix addresses that issue.  I highly recommend upgrading to this latest version.
Version 3.2.9 - 08.28.2023
Fixed a critical bug with the truss removal feature for truss sets.

I highly recommend upgrading from versions 3.2.7 and 3.2.8.
Version 3.2.7c - 08.28.2023
- Additional updates for steel framing for metric templates/units.
Version 3.2.7b - 08.26.2023
- Minor updates to the window and door framing modules with regards to steel framing.

Version 3.2.7 - 08.25.2023
- Updated steel studs and plates for all wall types.
- Fixed a bug in the statistics module for the gable walls.

Previously the steel studs and plates were merely cosmetic, now the are modeled a bit more realistically (however less attractively in my opinion).  This update was specifically requested by users who specialize in steel stud framing and who wanted a more accurate model (stud length and channels for top and bottom plates) when it comes to steel framing.  The plugin was never initially designed for steel framing and because of that I still consider the steel framing option more of a cosmetic model than an actual realistic model, but this latest update gets us a little closer to that objective.
Tutorial 40 - Stacked Windows (10:40 min.)

Version 3.2.6 - 08.09.2023
- Fixed a bug with stacked openings and plan dimensions.
- Added "Subtractive Framing" to the Wall tab of the Global Settings.
- Enabled "SUBTRACT_FRAMING" custom boolean subtraction for all wall types.

This now gives us a workaround for non-aligned stacked windows and doors.  This update per customer request.
Tutorial 24: Complex Roof Discussion and Limitations (10:43 min.)