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Development and Updates for the Medeek Truss Plugin

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The left and right overhangs can now be set independently, however the right overhang defaults to match the left overhang to help speed user input:

I've also created a new page for the plugin with some basic documentation:

Just an FYI, the energy heels are enabled fully for the fink truss but not for any other truss type and the TRIAL version is actually not limited in any way.  I will probably keep it that way until the plugin is significant enough to actually warrant charging for it.

I'm testing the attic truss.  At the moment I've only got one configuration which is probably about right for an attic truss that spans about 24-28 feet.  You can see below that pushing it out to span 36 feet is a bit of a stretch:

The piggyback option is enabled by enforcing a max. height in the inputs.

This is the same truss I used in my 28'x48' garage:

Now I need to work on the energy heel option for this truss type.

22' truss, notice the change in the web configurations as compared to the 24' truss. 

There still may be a few kinks to work out in the algorithm that determines how many webs to place but overall I'm pretty pleased with what I have so far. 

I've officially added the attic truss updates to the plugin so they are now live.

Trusses are now created as components with each individual member of the truss a group. Arrays of trusses are multiple instances of the same component.

I think this plugin may actually have some potential now.

A couple more screenshots for fun.  A well designed truss is a beautiful thing to behold:

I really appreciate everyone's feedback, this has helped guide me in the right direction on all of this and improved my understanding of SketchUp immensely.


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