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I am starting this new discussion thread as a fork from the Medeek Truss Plugin thread since the Medeek Floor extension will now become a stand alone extension/plugin.

Its icon(s) will be:

This new plugin will ultimately replace the floor joist/truss module currently found in the truss plugin. 

Similar to the complex roof module the designer will be able to create any polygon shaped floor outline, and edit the shape by moving/adjusting the edges.

There will be a tool for creating and editing holes within the floor.

There will also be a tool for creating polygon shaped floor coverings (ie. carpet, tile, wood, pergo etc...) with an associated label and optional sqft callout.  These floor coverings will be situated on top of the sub-floor and can be individually edited.

Eventually the floor assemblies will also be integrated with the estimating module currently found in the wall plugin (this will be moved to the Medeek Project extension in the near future).

There will also be an option for gypsum on the underside of the floor with a user editable offset (ie. 5.5 inches).

I have a few more ideas for this new extension but I would be interested in hearing what ideas you might have that would make this extension have even more utility for you and your workflow.

Per discussion and input this morning from a valued mentor/adviser I've added a few more items to the list:

1.)  A tool for adding in mid-span blocking where the user can specify a location, extant and type of blocking.

2.)  A blocking tool (also need this for the wall plugin) which will allow the user to create special blocking for point load conditions etc...

3.)  An in-floor beam tool similar to the in-column wall tool of the wall plugin.  The wall plugin already has a beam tool but this is for stand alone beams.

4.)  Option for cavity insulation within the floor assembly, however an additional parameter which allows the control of the batt thickness since it may not be the same depth as the floor cavity.

5.)  With the floor covering tool provide a vertical offset parameter.  I may also set it up so that multiple layers are possible.

I've been thinking about this plugin some more as I've been occupied with upgrading the javascript/ruby interactions within the wall plugin.

Some floor framing plans are very simple, while others are considerably more complex. 

I need to make the plugin as flexible as possible so it can accommodate the more complex floor variants.

One issue I'm trying to address is how to best handle floor plans that have floor joists running in different directions within a single floor plan/assembly.

My proposed solution is to limit the direction of the floor joists in any given assembly to one direction.  Then to allow for a complex floor assemblies I will need a tool to suppress the rimboard along any given edge of the floor assembly.  This will then allow for the butting up of floor assemblies next to each other to get the desired floor framing layout.

This particular edge tool will have three options for any given edge of the floor assembly:  rimboard, no rimboard, or ledger.

First look at the main toolbar for the plugin:

1.) Draw Floor
2.) Edit Floor
3.) Move Floor Edge
4.) Edit Rim Joist
5.) Engineering
6.) Global Settings

Most of these tools are fairly self explanatory, number 4 is probably the most interesting.  I will allow the user to customize each rim joist per floor edge (if desired), or remove it entirely.  This will come in useful where there are multiple floor assemblies abutted next to each other.

There will also be additional context menu tools (ie. regen floor assembly).  One context menu tool I am thinking about adding in is a way to select a given edge as the starting point for the floor joists/trusses.  This will allow the direction and spacing of the floor joists to be aligned to any edge along the floor outline.

There will need to be another completely separate toolbar and tools that deals specifically with holes cut into the floor.

Lots of little details to still work out and even though much of the code base can be recycled from the other plugins there is still a lot of work involved to produce a completely new plugin with the capabilities that I envision for this new architectural tool.

First look at the floor opening toolbar:

1.)  Draw Floor Opening
2.)  Move Floor Opening
3.)  Edit Floor Opening
4.)  Delete Floor Opening


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