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Version 2.4.7b - 10.25.2021
- Added the following additional Wide Flange (W) beams to the beam module: W10X22, W10X26, W10X30, W10X33, W10X39, W10X45, W12X26, W12X30, W12X35, W12X40.

Version 2.4.7 - 10.24.2021
- Fixed a bug with shed walls for the following end configurations: Inside Corner, Inset Inside Corner.

This fix should resolve the issues we were seeing with the shed wall.  I probably missed these bug(s) initially because the inside corner with a shed wall is not very common and sometimes I don't test every possible permutation even though I should. 

I may need to go back into the gable and hip wall modules and test them a bit further.

Medeek Wall Plugin / Re: Shed Walls
« on: October 24, 2021, 06:51:33 am »
The shed wall tool and configuration is relatively new.  With that being said I noticed yesterday there are some issues with the shed wall and "inside corners".  I will take a look at this and rectify the situation and release another update.  Having an inside corner on a shed wall is rather rare so that is probably why this managed to get past me.

Version 3.0.4 - 10.23.2021
- Added error checking code into various HTML menus for roof and wall materials.

Version 2.4.6 - 10.22.2021
- Added two additional advanced options for in-wall columns: Top Plt. Cut, Btm Plt. Cut.
- Added two additional parameters into the Columns tab of the global settings.
- Fixed a critical bug with the wall copy tool that was created with the prior update.
- Added error checking code into the rectangular wall edit menu for sheathing, cladding, and gypsum materials.
- Added error checking code into the window edit menu for the shutter material.

With the in-wall columns I've also changed the draw and edit tool so that the columns can be drawn at the end of the walls, there is no longer the one-stud limitation, not even sure why I added that in originally.

Previously I was issuing educational licenses for the mdkBIM suite at no charge however the shear volume of licenses has begun to overwhelm me and take up too much time (manual license creation).

I've now created an easier system to manage which allows me to quickly issue an educational discount code to the student or educator after receiving their credentials or verification.

The new discount code will allow students or educators to purchase the entire mdkBIM suite (permanent license - $280.00) at 10% of the regular cost:  $28.00 USD

Version 2.4.5 - 10.19.2021
- Added a "Stud Ply" parameter to the Walls tab of the global settings.
- Enabled double and triple ply studs for rectangular walls.]

**!!! WARNING !!!**
This update will require that the user delete and recreate their wall presets for rectangular walls.  This update does not affect other wall presets or door and window presets.

First look at a couple of multi-ply stud walls:

Now I just need to do some further testing to make sure all of the other algorithms work correctly with this type of stud configuration (ie. windows, doors, insulation, blocking).

Some of this I have already given some thought to but some of it is new.

I would be interested in what you would like to see for lintels, screen shots or other detail drawings would be good.

Version 2.4.4 - 10.12.2021
- Fixed a minor bug with trapezoid and pentagon windows when utilized with the "No Framing" mode.
- Enabled an option for "zero" start and end wall studs for all wall types.


Version 2.4.3b - 10.04.2021
- Fixed a bug with pocket doors.

Tutorial 23 - Wall Corners (15:41 min.)

Version 2.4.3 - 10.02.2021
- Fixed a minor bug within the subtractive geometry module.

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