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Partially see through walls

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It appears in the API there might be a way to position the face vertically:

I will need to test this further and see if it is something I can implement.

Thank you for the update, perfect!!!  :)

But I ran into the issue on one of my latest models with the vertical batten siding, so maybe the same fix can be done for that offset? If not I will use that manual edit tip you posted. Everything I have been working on lately is many walls of different heights and types, and lots of clear story or ballon-framed walls meeting two-story walls, so lining things up is tricky. I am also working towards some more refined models so that I can post on the SU forum as you asked about in one of your other posts, working to do that by 4/15 (I just want them looking good!)

The 3D board and batten siding is probably the one you are talking about.  I don't have a good solution on that one as far as seamless transitions between stacked walls yet.  I will need to give it some more thought.

I also just posted a model yesterday which demonstrates the material vertical offset parameter in practice for a couple of stacked walls.  I might have to make a tutorial for this feature but it does some fairly self explanatory to me.


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