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Question regarding my registered copy of the Medeek BIM Plug-in

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Is this 'normal / expected' - my registered copy of Medeek BIM (in the Global Settings) with a license status indicated as 'Trial'?

Did you enter in your serial number, see instruction below:

* Note: If you have previously installed the trial version of the extension and are upgrading to the fully licensed version it is not necessary to re-install the extension. To activate the full version of the extension:

- Click on the Global Settings icon (three slider bars). The Global Settings menu is displayed.
- Click on the License Tab within the global settings. The License Tab menu is displayed with an input box for your serial number.
- Enter your serial number (case sensitive) and then click Save Settings button at the bottom of the menu. A popup message will appear confirming your license registration and the Medeek Seal will be displayed.
- Restart SketchUp for the license activation to fully take.

Thank you for your response, Nathaniel.
I now no longer have that problem.
After a few days, the license status changed to: FULL

I have one other question.
I ordered your Medeek BIM software on Thursday October 29, 2020, yet that order is not displayed in my ORDER HISTORY.
Is there a logical explanation for that?

The "Order History" button only pertains to planset orders.

To view your plugin orders click on the specific plugin icon and it will display your order(s) and serial numbers.

Thank you, Nathaniel.
Greatly appreciated.


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