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I am trying different tools for rendering, from SketchUpFx, Podium, etc. Often the studs are coming through in the render, like with SketchUp FX just like they do in model. I mean the from a distant view you can see the outline of some of the framing through the siding or gypsum layers. Is there ny way to stop this or control their visibility? I have used 3d no-framing and that works, but that is a global setting for the model so if I go to a framing scene or something I lose the details I need.

This seems to be an artifact with SketchUp.  However, a good rendering software should not allow the studs to show through one would think.

Yea, that drives me nuts in SketchUp, something with any thickness should not have edges from below show through....

I tried many things before posting, like turning off the framing layer but it didn't work. I just figured out that the insulation also creates edges inside the wall assembly, so with both of those layers off the lines do not come through the siding or drywall layers. In styles, I turn of profiles and all looks good, so that problem solved!

The only issue that remains is that I have two walls meeting that meet but the bottom plates are at different elevations, the siding texture does not line up. The bottom offset on both is lined up, it's just the texture starts from some other point on the assembly. Could it be changed or an option to have the texture start at the bottom or top of the assembly, so that could be a consistent point between walls that meet that might be different heights?

Just checking back because I am getting this issue a lot, is there a way to alter or offset the cladding to line up with adjacent walls?

There is the manual option:

1.) Click into the group for the cladding.
2.) Click the face (exterior) that you want to manually edit.
3.) Apply the cladding material to this face.
4.) Right click on the face and mouse of "Texture", then selection "Position".
5.) User the red pin to position the image vertically on the face, this should allow you to fine tune the placement enough to make it match the other wall panels above or below the panel you are editing.

*Note:  Once you apply this manual edit any updates or edits to this wall panel will essentially reset the material on this face to the default position.


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