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When I use this plugin for a stemwall foundation, and trace a poly line I’ve created, or pick a face of my creation, it creates the foundation about 80 feet off to the left side of the poly line, and rotated 90 degrees. This happens every time. Also, the footing rebar and anchor bolts are not showing up; the stemwall rebar is. Any thoughts?

If you can turn on the ruby console, it will show an error codes generated.  Please send those directly to my email address

However, those may not be enough information for me to figure this one out.  If you have a few minutes I would be interested in a Skype or Teamviewer session so I can see first hand what is happening.  Again, email me if you are able to arrange this.

I have installed the the July 2019 update & all is working perfectly so far. I think the display problem was because I did the design several times, erased it and did it new again & again. I tried it on a brand new SketchUp session.  Wasn’t sure how to edit the design. Is that possible now?

Right click on the assembly and then you will be given the option to edit the foundation assembly.

A right-click gives me an Edit Group like in a SkecthUp group, but doesn’t give me the foundation parameters menus.


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