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Version 1.0.2 - 07.08.2016
- Added stemwall foundation type (rectangular outline only).
- Enabled post and pier interior floor beam(s) with a strip footing.
- Added brick ledge option to stemwall foundation.

View model here:

When the user selects a type B footing (stemwall foundation) a keyway is inserted between the stemwall and footing:

View model here:

I'm trying to determine which is the preferred method of blocking out a stemwall foundation for garage doors where a slab will be poured in the garage.  I've seen it done both ways.  Option 1 does not typically block all of the stemwall out and seems to be more common in locations where the frostline is deeper (24" or deeper).  Option 2 completely blocks out the stemwall at the garage door and then a thicken edge is poured where the slab meets the footing at the garage door.  From a structural point of view which is the better method and also from a construction point of view what are the pros and cons?

Option 1:

Option 2:

View model here:

I should point out I've also seen a sort of a combination of the two options where the blockout does not extend to the footing but a thickened edge is employed at the slab/door interface and the thickened edge is typically 2x the slab thickness, or called out as a minimum dimension of 8".

Option 3:

The blockout methods seem to be all over the board, I've even talked with some of my engineering friends and the response is mixed there as well.  I guess I just need to provide the option for any of these three configurations within the plugin.  Sometimes I feel that I get bogged down in the details but I hope some of this level of detail is appreciated.

The other issue I'm having with slabs within garage spaces is the slope of the slab.  I'm trying to determine if is worth trying to incorporate a slope into the slab as it would actually be poured. As far as I know there is not a minimum slope specified for garage floors in the IRC 2015 or earlier only this fairly general statement:

The area of the floor used for parking of automobiles or other vehicles shall be sloped to facilitate the movement of liquids to a drain or toward the main vehicle entry doorway.

Typically the garage slope is 1/8" per foot or 1:96, how critical is this to you the user of the plugin?  Flat would be easier to program but then your blocked out entries on the side of a garage would be only theoretical.


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