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Here is a quick study on a garage slab that slopes 3" over about 24':

View model here:

What to do with the slope at the garage door?  I've flattened it out but that leaves a line in the slab.

At the side door entrance the right side of the slab is about 3/8" higher than the left side.  Entrances that are parallel to the slope will have this property (problem?).

At the rear of the garage the slab is 6" below the top of the foundation and at the garage door it is 9" below the top.  Perusing through different plan sets I've collected over the years this seems pretty typical for the slope (1/8" in 12").

I think I should probably make the slope an option so those that want to model it can.

Rather than make the slope a percent grade or degrees I think it would be easiest to let the users specify a total rise or drop for the entire slab.

Version 1.0.3 - 08.28.2016
- Enabled interior bearing wall(s) with strip footing.

View model here:

I still need to enable the ability to add framed openings into the interior stud walls.  Interior stud/bearing walls can be created with single or double top plates and can be full span or partial spanning as shown in the image above.

Also note that the studs are aligned from the right side of the stemwall foundation edge so that they line up directly under the floor joists.

My new job has kept me away for the last few weeks so that getting anything done on the plugins has been a real challenge.  Even so I've been giving some thought to stepped footings/foundations and would like some input from the designers and architects out there on what is common practice and what they would like to see available for this sort of feature within the plugin.

View mode here:

Note that I messed up on this model the exterior cripple/pony walls should have only had one top plate so that the combined top plate from the shallow sections and the single top plate would have created the typical double top plate.

Version 1.0.4 - 11.27.2016
- Enabled rebar and mesh reinforcement for slab on grade foundations.

Version 1.0.5 - 12.01.2016
- Enabled reinforcement for stemwall foundations.

View model here:


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