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Setting Timezone for Members

Started by saakejam, October 15, 2018, 05:10:27 AM

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Hello:  How do I Set the Timezone in my profile?


I found it on the page you get if you go to "Profile Summary", then pull down the menu under "Modify Profile" and choose "Look and Feel". You can enter an offset there.

But one thing really puzzles me: Before I did that myself just a few minutes ago, Forum time was shown as 6:15 AM February 20th. But is that even possible? I'm in California and the local time was 2:15 PM February 20th. Logically, for the forum time to be 8 hours earlier, it would have to located 8 time zones WEST of me - but I think that's on the other side of the dateline! So at the time I was shown a forum time of 6:15 AM on February 20th, there was (I think) no place in the WORLD that had a local time of 6:15 AM on the 20th!!!