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Version 3.1.5 - 05.07.2022
- Enabled 3D roof and wall cladding materials for attic trusses.

I've enabled an ICF option within the Foundation plugin however I am wondering if I should also enable an ICF option within the wall plugin?

Corners and Tee intersections might get a little interesting but I'm quite sure I can code my way through it.


I've also been thinking about SIPS as well, so many different building systems to consider.
Very helpful and informative video put together by Braden York on integrating Quantifier Pro and the Wall plugin:

Version 2.8.6 - 04.28.2022
- Added the CMU CORE framing mode for concrete block wall construction that includes sheathing, cladding and gypsum.

I've had quite a few requests recently for a CMU option that also included all of the sheathing and cladding options.  This new update hopefully addresses that need.
So I drew this with the column and new grade beam module:

My oldest son then asked me, "What is it?"

My answer was, "I don't know, it's whatever you want it to be."
Version 3.1.4 - 04.27.2022
- Fixed a minor bug with the advanced options for scissor trusses.
- Updated the scissor truss module so that raised heel trusses are properly rendered/drawn.

Medeek Wall Plugin Tutorial 29 - Why a Wall Plugin?

Tutorial 12 - Grade Beams (9:38 min.)

Version 1.8.6 - 04.24.2022
- Enabled the "Draw Grade Beam" tool with the following geometry types: closed polyline, open polyline and line.
- Added longitudinal rebar for grade beams.
- Added hoop/stirrup rebar for grade beams.

Getting a little closer, just need to work on the menus now:

I'm glad to hear that it is working now and also that the plugins are proving to be some utility.
Version 2.8.5 - 04.18.2022
- Fixed a bug when the auto-assign materials option is turned off.
It is that time of year again and with quite a few more updates added to the Wall, Truss and Foundation plugins it makes sense to encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest versions of the plugins.

In an effort to get as many customers up-to-date and using these new feature I will be offering a renewal promotion on all the plugins for thirty days (Apr. 11 - May 15).

The regular license (renewal) prices are given below:

Medeek Truss - $75.00 USD
Medeek Wall - $75.00 USD
Medeek Foundation - $60.00 USD
Medeek Electrical - $45.00 USD

The promotional (renewal) prices are given below:

Medeek Truss - $50.00 USD
Medeek Wall - $50.00 USD
Medeek Foundation - $40.00 USD
Medeek Electrical - $30.00 USD

These promotional prices will take affect Apr. 11, 2022 and end May 15, 2022. All renewals, prior and after this time frame, will be at the regular price, unless superseded by a previous or future promotion. No rain checks will be given, and this promotion only applies to permanent licenses and not to subscription licenses.

Please note that if you have recently purchased a permanent license for one of the plugin(s), you can still take advantage of this renewal offer. Renewing your license while it is still active simply adds an additional year to the license expiration date and future proofs you for upcoming updates and releases.

This is a fairly substantial discount in hopes of getting as many users to upgrade to the latest versions of the plugins as possible. In the last year, the updates to all the plugins have been fairly significant. I would very much like to see everyone taking advantage of these updates and utilize the new and improved feature that have been added to the plugins.

Thank-you for your continued support and for your continued interest and enthusiasm in the development of these plugins.
Version 3.1.3 - 04.10.2022
- Enabled 3D roof and wall cladding materials for monopitch trusses.
- Fixed a bug with the valley set detection option.