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I have been toying with your plugin and quantifier pro recently to try and automate my pricing, but I hit a little snag.

When drawing external & internals walls they share the same layer tags, even if the timber sizes etc are different.

My first thought was, is it possible to place them on different tags, (which would be nice anyways) but it might not solve the problem completely...

As there can be different external and internal wall types in a model, so it would need to have different tag for every group/component and all there options, which would be madness!...

Unless there is a way of dynamically appending the options (i.e wall_framing_38x140mm) to your existing tag format?

I did think some people might not like so many tags, so it might need a global on/off switch?

Many Thanks.

Update request please...

To have a ventilated batten system between the cladding and membrane...

The vent for the batten would be a metal trim at the base of the batten, we normally use the Hardie Plank cladding and trims.
Just an idea...

When using the split tool is it possible to regen the stud centres from the newly split wall starting point/origin...

So when manufacturing the timber frame panels we can start with a full OSB board.

ATM, I have been drawing the walls out and manually breaking them as I go, which is easily done.
Hi Nathaniel,

Relating to your recent post on hiding the wall junction and splits lines, will there be an option to still be able to show them?

They are handy when generating the panel layouts.