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Version 3.2.0 - 07.15.2023
- Enabled editing of plan dimensions for tee intersections of all wall types.

When you modify the dimension of a tee intersection it actually invokes the plugin's "move wall" tool behind the scenes, which then moves the target wall as well as adjusts any connected walls and finally it regens the primary wall.  A lot going on here.

Larry Belk specifically requested this feature, and I was considering it once I began making the dimensions interactive for windows and doors.  To be perfectly honest I knew it would make things a bit more complicated and involved with dimensions and their editing, however I'm glad I've managed to check this box and it seems to be working as it should.

This is actually a fairly substantial upgrade to the plugin and a increase in functionality and efficiency, I will probably make a new tutorial video explaining the details shortly.
Tutorial 36 - Editing Dimensions (7:55 min.)

Version 3.1.9 - 07.12.2023
- Added an "Edit Dimension" tool to the Medeek Wall Tools toolbar (editing of plan dimension only).
- Enabled editing of plan dimensions for all wall types (door, window, garage, wall length).
- Fixed a bug with plan dimensions (in 2D Mode).

Note that this new tool can only be used to edit "plan" dimensions.  Framing dimensions are currently not editable.  This update was per customer request.

Version 1.9.0 - 07.11.2023
- Fixed a minor bug with the "Edit Outline" menus for various foundation types.
Tutorial 23: Licensing and Upgrades (11:59 min.)

Tutorial 22: Asymmetric Roof Framing (8:17 min.)

Centered vs. Non-centered ridges for asymmetric rafter roofs.
Version 3.2.8 - 07.05.2023
- Enabled a ridge centering option for asymmetric gable rafter roofs.
- Enabled a ridge centering option for asymmetric hip rafter roofs.

I think the non-centered ridge is the more correct of the two, but if you do want the centered ridge then it is also an option.
Version 1.1.0 - 07.01.2023
- Enabled FIS notation for dimensions in the General tab of the Global Settings.
- Added rafter lengths (with total length or minimum stock length) for gable and hip rafter roofs within the Medeek Estimator.

The rafter lengths are currently only available for imperial units.  If I get requests for this to be extended to metric units I will make this also available for metric units.

The rafter length in this case is actually the rafter length minus the overhang, so technically it is the length to the seat cut.

Version 3.2.7b - 06.28.2023
- Fixed a minor bug with the truss removal feature for all truss types.

*Note:  This is a critical bug fix for common, monopitch, attic and gambrel attic trusses.
Version 3.1.8 - 06.27.2023
- Enabled FIS notation for framing (elevation view) dimensions for rectangular walls.
- Enabled FIS notation for plan view dimensions for all walls.

FIS stands for Feet-Inches-Sixteenths, a common notation method used in the truss industry.  This update per customer request.
Version 3.2.7 - 06.26.2023
- Fixed a bug with the truss removal feature.
- Enabled a feature to selectively remove specific trusses from common and monopitch truss assemblies.

Version 3.2.6 - 06.22.2023
- Enabled the "Edit Truss Assembly" function for all gambrel attic trusses.
- Enabled a gable wall cut for gambrel attic trusses.
- Enabled a feature to selectively remove specific trusses from gambrel attic truss assemblies.

There are still a number of advanced options that need to be completed for this truss type, namely soffit and fascia need to be added.

The ability to edit this truss type is a fairly significant upgrade.
These same two features should also be enabled for the gambrel attic truss:

Now that I've worked out the details I figured it would only take me about 30 minutes to update the gambrel attic module with the same but then I realized that I have never actually added the edit menu for this truss type.  I've got my hands full for tomorrow.
Tutorial 21: Attic Trusses (14:26 min.)

A brief overview and demo of the Gable Wall Cut option and the selective truss removal feature.
Version 3.2.5 - 06.17.2023
- Enabled a gable wall cut for attic trusses.
- Enabled a feature to selectively remove specific trusses from an attic truss assembly.

After making the tutorial video for the inclined walls yesterday it quickly became apparent to me that the features for dealing with attic trusses and their implementation are wholly inadequate.

The gable cut allows for one to then insert a hip wall into the opening created by the attic truss, which then further allows for windows and doors being inserted into the gable end of an attic truss.

When dormers are added to an attic truss as shown it is usually necessary to remove certain trusses that conflict with these dormers and then ladder framing is added to bridge the gap created.  The selective truss removal feature will now allow for the removal of any specific number of trusses in a attic truss assembly.  However note that it does not automatically insert any of the ladder framing for the roof or floor of the attic.

I will probably create a tutorial video explaining both of these features in more detail in the next couple of days.