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Missing Roof Elements
« on: October 16, 2021, 12:00:07 am »

A few Observations/Request:

The Rafter Tools have several missing tool elements or functions, and seem to be lagging behind in developement as compaired to the truss functions.  The following opbserations apply mostly to Rafters, and a few to Both Rafters and Truss.

a. Celings: When you enable Ceiling Joist, Missing Gypsum Ceiling and Insulation so currently Ceiling has no finish options available 
b. Rafters: Missing Gypsum and Insulation, Vaulted Ceiling would be finsihed with a Gypsum Ceiling and Insulation as well                     
c. Metal Flashing (Roof Edges and Chimneys), this would give the roof edges a finished apperance, currently the sheathing around the perimeter of the roof is visable, maybe your "Custom" option is the best solution for now, but later Chimney Tool would enhance the Extension. Currently I extend the Cladding by 1.5 Inches to overlap the Facia which conceals the sheathing. 
d. Crickets for Chimneys and other slope corrections
e. Trim, Half Round, Cove or other trim thats normally used at the wood member connections that lap or adjoin with a butt joint. Including the Sofit, Rake and transitions to walls.  This would be similair to the Moulding Tool except out side envelope. I attempted to use the moulding tool without success, as it oriented into the wall group with the interior wall.
f. Ridge Vent; Customizations, or additional options to accoult for Cold Roof Design as well as other Roof Cladding Types

These may be on your list and are still in developement for future? If so any timeline of when these elements would be added?

The Gypsum Ceiling and Insulation for both Rafters and Ceiling Joist is something should take prescedence over the other comments and would be the most benifitual now.

I cant say enough about how fantastic this extension is and how much future potential I see in its developement. 

Thank You,

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