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I need to report the Truss plugin is working...  For some reason the second advanced option window did not open for me or was hidden from view yesterday.
Medeek Truss - 2.2.0b

I am trying to enable Roof sheathing material alone under the sheathing tab (Global Settings) and it will not save the setting. (Save Settings clicked)

Removed previous version first
Tried restarting SU
Save settings doesn't keep selections chosen.

building simple test roof to display sheathing, materials...

New Ver. 2.2.0b
Do walls have the feature of being named?  Can you edit the wall name?  Could a custom Callout be assigned to the wall during the
Calculation process placed in the drawing view somewhere ?  Maybe like a watermark? 
This is terrific work!  Can't thank you enough!  The addition of CMU and its engineering modules is a huge feature.
Will keep in touch... Thank you again Nathan.

Jim S
Nathan....  I need to say you do remarkable work and give so much more!!  I don't know what's on your priority list but if I could tickle this
in requesting the concrete block wall addition again I will...  Your entire operation is unique and impressive to say the least.  I'm enjoying the
your daily forum diary too...  My nephew is a Civil engineer just about to achieve his P.E.   :)

Thank you, Jim S