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Yes. that is correct.
I finally assigned the serial numbers with their respective modules.

Once again, you have excelled in providing outstanding software support.
You've now gone way above and beyond most of the tech support I've dealt with in quite some time.
Have a great weekend!
I did not make it clear that I purchased Medeek BIM Plugin Suite which is comprised of the three modules that I previously mentioned.
Upon payment in full, I received one serial number for the entire suite.
So each module contains the same serial number.
The Medeek Wall license shows the word FULL
The other two show TRIAL.
It appears that some parts of the software work while. others do not.
It will either create the structure I set up once I choose OK or result in a "your software trial has expired."
I've not encountered an instance where a purchased commercial version of a software application acts in this manner.
Just to confirm:
I uninstalled each of the three modules - foundation - truss - walls - within the SketchUP extension Manager.
Without restarting SketchUp Pro (Mac), I installed the most recent versions of each module.
Then I closed SketchUp Pro and started it up.
I accessed the Extensions menu - Medeek Foundations and selected Global Settings.
From there I selected Licenses.
I deleted the serial number shown and re-entered it.
I selected Save.
A verification process occurred and the word Trial was once again displayed.
Thank you for your prompt response.
It's not very often that I get such timely responses from forum and tech support personnel consistently.
I understand that this particular part of a business can be quite overwhelming or easily overlooked at times due to other pressing matters, but I sincerely appreciate your attention to customer issues.
This behavior certainly influences whether I decide to continue to support software applications that I purchase.

So, even beyond the trial installation, each time an update is introduced, the previous version(s) must be uninstalled and the latest version installed.
I have not had to do that with other extensions.
I'm having the same problem, once again.

● My serial number is displayed within "GLOBAL SETTINGS" - "LICENSE",
● I updated to the latest version of MEDEEK BIM PLUGIN SUITE - 1.6.8 (Foundation, Truss & Wall),
● and it is installed within the latest version of SketchUp Pro - Version 21.0.392.
● The license is displayed as "TRIAL".

I selected "SAVE" closed SketchUp Pro and restarted the application.
Enter "GLOBAL SETTINGS" - "LICENSE", the license displays as "TRIAL"
Thank you, Nathaniel.
Greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your response, Nathaniel.
I now no longer have that problem.
After a few days, the license status changed to: FULL

I have one other question.
I ordered your Medeek BIM software on Thursday October 29, 2020, yet that order is not displayed in my ORDER HISTORY.
Is there a logical explanation for that?
Is this 'normal / expected' - my registered copy of Medeek BIM (in the Global Settings) with a license status indicated as 'Trial'?