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Truss Designer Requests

Started by dugan, December 08, 2020, 10:06:44 PM

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First off: Thanks for this! It's pretty great. I have a few requests that I think would make it better in all ways:

-Printing: Once I get to the report screen, I can't print in landscape for some reason. As far as I understand it, this would be because that option has been excluded. Beyond that, though, it would be so much better if the page was programmed with a specific "print" page... that omitted the navigation iFrame and the footer. This is a common feature for pages of this kind and is relatively easily implemented via html's "print()" or CSS, among many other options (I don't know how you'd do it directly in Perl, but you can throw html into Perl that would spit out pretty printed pages...)
Much more professional that way!

Logo For some reason, the logo I uploaded doesn't render into the report. Perhaps I'm using too large a file size, but I don't get any complaints when I upload it. .png would be a better allowable filetype than only .jpeg...

If I could upload the front page of the report, you'd see that it doesn't render to PDF correctly; the right side is cut off, it uses the default logo and the header navigation is visible.

Howe and Queen Please implement full engineering for these two truss types... I know this is a big ask, but after Fink, I use Howe or Queen. Hopefully the engineering programming that you've done for the Fink can translate easily to Howe and Queen...

Supported Gable Offering engineering for this type would be a departure from the other truss types, but it's a very common type in residential construction.

I know I'm asking a lot! I thank you for your work on this so far and hope that you feel that my suggestions can help.