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Tutorial 13 - Stretch Wall Tool (7:41 min.)

The audio is a little strange in this video, not sure why, I will check the audio out in more detail for future videos.

Stretching a wall:

Shrinking a wall:

(Note, that I had the 3D callouts turned off in the global settings that is why the callouts disappeared after modifying the wall.)

Version 1.4.6 - 05.30.2020
- Enabled the "Wall Stretch" tool within the Medeek Wall Tools toolbar.

Note that this tool can be used to either shrink or stretch a wall panel.  Instructions for use below:

1.)  Select tool (click stretch wall icon)
2.)  Select the wall panel you want to modify.
3.)  Select either the start or end of the wall panel (red or green circle).
4.)  Position cursor to either shrink or stretch wall panel.

Also note that this tool will not adjust adjacent wall panels even if they are connected at the corners to the wall panel being modified.  This is by design.  I will release a tutorial shortly explaining the reasoning behind this behavior.

Version 1.4.5 - 05.29.2020
- Fixed a number of minor issues with the ladder blocking option for tee intersections.
- Tee intersection blocking is now assigned to the blocking layer if the advanced layer option is turned on.

If you are using ladder blocking for your tee intersections then I consider this to be a critical update.

Version 1.6.0 - 05.28.2020
- Added a footing concrete layer in the Global Settings under the "Layers" tab.
- Fixed a bug for metric templates with the strip footing tool and the polyline stemwall tool.

Note, that if you want the footing concrete layer to remain the same as the rest of the foundation (ie. stemwall) you can always assign it to the same layer name: "fnd_conc"

Also note, that any and all of these layer names are user configurable, the names shown are just default names I have assigned, the user can utilized their own naming convention that suites their workflow.

Version 1.4.4 - 05.24.2020
- Added I-Joist blocks to the the blocking module: TJI, BCI, LPI, Red-I, PKI.

Tutorial 18: Skylights (14.22 min.)

I often get a lot of questions that are answered in the tutorial videos.  Just a reminder, all of the tutorial videos can be found here:

Tutorial 12 - Blocking (12:42 min.)

Unlike the typical US outlet and/or switch the British variety come with the faceplate and the electrical component integrated into a single unit.  Due to this fact and other considerations the draw and edit menus for the UK version of the plugin will be different than the North American version (NEMA).

Here are some typical outlets:

For those of you concerned that I am taking my attention off of the wall and truss plugins, don't be overly concerned.  I am only setting up the templates so that my youngest son Edmond can be set loose to do most of the heavy lifting.  I will provide oversight, as necessary, to make sure that every outlet and switch model meets my exacting standards but the bulk of my time will be spent working on the gable wall module for the next few days.

First look at a low poly UK outlet:

The model is based off of the .SAT models provided on the website of MK Electric.

View model here:

I'll do my best to answer your questions in your initial post here:

1.)  There is a way to insert your own door and window components.   Within the plugin folder there is a sub-folder called "library" where you can place your custom doors and windows into their respective sub-folders. 

2.)  Yes, when you create a door opening on an interior wall (int-int) if you disable the advanced options the plugin will automatically wrap the opening in drywall.

3.)  Bifold and pocket doors are both on the todo list.  Bifold doors are more often requested so I will probably attack those first.

4.) The split wall tool was completed at the beginning of the year, the join tool and the stretch tool are both under construction.  The join tool is almost complete, maybe I can get that one rolled out in a day or two.  Be sure to check the changelog for development details:

5.)  I'll have to think about the door trim question some more.  I you more looking for custom trim profiles or something even more elaborate?  Can you post a few examples of  some door and trim configurations that you are interested in.

Version 1.4.3b - 05.17.2020
- Added the "Shift" hotkey to the blocking draw tool in order to toggle the block rotation between zero and ninety degrees.

After putting this new tool through its paces for a few more minutes it immediately jumps out at me that it would be really nice to have a hot key for toggling the rotation (zero or ninety). For other custom rotations the user can simply key in the desire rotation in the menu.

What key should I use to toggle the rotation? I’m already using the Ctrl key to toggle placement location.

Version 1.4.3 - 05.17.2020
- Added a blocking tool/module for inserting custom blocks into Medeek walls, roofs, floors or generic groups.
- Added the Blocking toolbar and icons.
- Removed the Fixtures toolbar and icons.

Note, that the blocking is automatically retained within the wall, roof or floor assembly after a regen or edit of the primary assembly.

After selecting the first point one can toggle the positioning of the blocking with the "Ctrl" key.  There are nine possible positions the block can be inserted at.

The blocking is placed on the framing layer unless the advanced layers are turned on, in which it is placed on a specific blocking layer.

I will be releasing a tutorial video shortly on this new tool.

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