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Medeek Truss Plugin / Re: Development and Updates for the Medeek Truss Plugin
« Last post by Medeek on July 24, 2019, 09:32:22 am »
The "FRONT" option for Gable Truss parameter allows one to terminate a truss assembly where it meets another roof or wall but currently it does not provide for a GIRDER truss as shown:

I need to provide an additional option here called "GIRDER" which allows the user to terminate the truss assembly and also configure a girder truss (ie. Howe truss with heavy bottom chord and stubbed off tails).
Giving a little thought on how to created stepped foundation the last couple of days as I wrapped up work on the slab-on-grade foundations.

Creating a single (closed-loop) stemwall foundation assembly with steps is proving to be difficult.  After giving this some additional analysis it seems that it would be better to break it down into separate (polyline) assemblies, somewhat similar to the Wall plugin.

If I switch to this type of system then creating steps in a foundation is just a matter of adding step "segments".  I've identified three basic type of steps in the detail below:

Note, that there would also be a right and left hand version of each, this comes into play with non-symmetric features such as foam insulation and anchor bolts.

So essentially I need to create a whole new system for stemwall foundations, the current system is not scalable.  The three main tools need to be:

1.) Polyline Tool
2.) Step Tool
3.) Interior Footing Tool

The polyline tool will also allow for a single (linear) stemwall or any number of segments.

I also need a opening tool for creating windows and doors in the stemwall/foundation wall.

4.) Opening Tool
Version 1.3.3 - 07.24.2019
- Enabled sloping slab depressions for rectangular and polygon slab-on-grade foundations.
- Fixed a bug with the slab depression draw tool.

The sloping of the depression can be either in the X or Y direction, in the future I may allow for other directions.  To reverse the slope, the slope differential can be entered in as a negative number in the edit or draw menu.
I am seriously considering adding the ability to slope the slab depression and would actually like to work on it before I move back to the complex roof module.

I have a few questions:

1.)  With a sloping floor do you typically measure the depression from the high side as your reference and then slope it downward?  Or do you measure where you want the doors to end up and then slope upwards? 

2.)  What is a typical slope in a garage slab depression? Is a 1/4" per foot typical?  On a 24' deep garage this would mean a vertical difference of 6 inches from front to back.  This seems like a pretty steep slope.

3.) If a depression is sloped then I would assume that the slab thickness in the depressed region would remain a constant thickness and hence the bottom of the slab at this region would also slope?
Tutorial 5 - Brick Ledges for Slab-on-Grade Foundations (14:11 min.):

Version 1.3.2 - 07.22.2019
- Added brick ledges for rectangular and polygon slab-on-grade foundations.
- Enabled editing, and deleting of brick ledges for all slab-on-grade foundations.
- Added an additional layer for hidden geometry into the Layers tab of the Global Settings.
Here is slight modification where the slab depression is lower than the brick ledge:

First look at brick ledges combined with a slab depression (garage).

The trickiest part of the brick ledge module was the tool that selects the foundation edge.  I have it working stably now but I need to add some additional logic which prevents the user from duplicating a brick ledge along the same foundation edge.

I also need to add in some additional logic which offsets the anchor bolts the appropriate amount given the width of the brick ledge. 

Similar to the slab depressions the brick ledge module makes no accommodations currently for rebar placement.  The logic and algorithms for that will take some considerable effort.
Trying to take a day off from the programming but my mind keeps coming back to it and the brick ledge module (for slab-on-grade foundations) I have left unfinished.

Giving it a bit of thought this afternoon and I've come up with the following parameters:

- Ledge Width

- Ledge Height

- Start Ext.: Defaults to zero

- End Ext.: Defaults to zero

Really not much to it, or so it would seem.

The idea is to be able to create a brick ledge on any specified edge (perimeter) of the foundation rather than around the entire foundation.  A lot of modern designs only utilize a brick facade on the front of the house and not on the rear so this ability to be selective with each wall is critical.

Once I have this feature up and running I think the tools afforded the slab-on-grade type of foundation will allow it to be utilized for most designs however additional work will still need to be done to make the rebar placement correct in a complex design.
Tutorial 4 - Slab Depressions for Slab-on-Grade Foundations (9:35 min.):

View model here:
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