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Frost protection for a polyline stemwall:

Note that the polyline tool allows the user to create not only polyline segments of stemwall foundations but also closed loops and single linear sections.  Making sure the code behind the scenes is flexible enough to handle all of this is a bit of a task but I think the end result will be very functional and efficient.
Anchor bolts with rebar:

After an almost three week sabbatical it took me all of yesterday to just get back into the full swing of things and figure out where I left off.  It's good to be back laying down some serious code.

Developing these plugins has got to be the most satisfying job/business I've ever had.  Thank-you SketchUp for making all of this possible and more importantly thank-you to my many supporters and customers who continue to support my efforts, I will do my very best not to disappoint.
Back in the saddle.

Looks like the rebar is now working for the polyline stemwall.  Lots of possible configurations so I've got to try and break it for a few more minutes to be sure it is 100% stable:

Anchor bolts are next.
Many of you may have noticed the absence of regular updates the last couple of weeks. My youngest daughter (Nathanya) had to undergo an operation on both of her legs (femur) at Primary Childrenís Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah about a week ago.

I have taken a small break from the coding to be with her and my wife during this ordeal and during the recovery. Unfortunately, her recovery has been slower than I had hoped for so I have spent extra time in Utah providing support. I am hopeful that her condition will continue to improve and I can jump back into the saddle in the next few days and wrap up the work on the stemwall module.

Medeek Wall Plugin / Re: Development and Updates for the Medeek Wall Plugin
« Last post by Medeek on August 16, 2019, 06:36:08 am »
Excellent live modeling session by Aaron this afternoon:

After spending quite some time modeling this very simple structure it quickly becomes clear to me why extensions are so important. 

I am hoping to get the gable and shed walls out shortly to close that gap.
I havenít had any recent feedback on polyline stemwall tool. Unfortunately, I have been with family helping with a medical matter and have not been able to devote any time to the code the last few days.

I will be working on the rebar and anchor bolts next.
Version 1.3.4 - 08.01.2019
- Added the Stemwall Foundation toolbar and icons.
- Enabled the "Draw Polyline Stemwall" tool.
- Enabled footing offsets and mitering within the draw polyline stemwall tool/menu.

Note that the ability to edit polyline stemwalls is not yet active.  I am putting this out a bit earlier than I normally would so that users can give me additional feedback on the functionality and features.

Also note that to terminate your point selection process you depress the "Down Arrow" and not the Enter or Return key.  I would like to change this to the Enter key but I'm not quite there yet.

The polyline tool will only draw the concrete currently, all other additional options like rebar, anchor bolts, insulation, vents and joist pockets are currently not available.
Footing offsets and mitering is now stable:

When the foundation outline is a closed loop the polyline tool will automatically close the stemwall foundation and draw it as if it were a closed polygon as shown above.
First look at the output of the new stemwall module:

In this particular situation you would probably just use the polygon stemwall tool for the outer perimeter since there are no steps in the foundation but I think the model demonstrates the idea.

I should probably change the label to something like WALL or STEM, I'll give this some further consideration.

What I really like about this new module is that it is so much more flexible than a simple polygon or rectangular outline.  Once I add the step and interior bearing tools this one is going to be a game changer.
First look at the draw menu for the polyline stemwalls:

Only the Basic Options appear when all of the other options are toggled off.

Similar to the Wall plugin it will allow the user to draw a polyline section of foundation and then continue on and keep drawing more sections, updating settings as required.

Note the inclusion of the hide edges option in the updated menu.

Other options like brick ledges, joist pockets and openings will be on a per edge basis, so they do not appear in this menu or in the edit menu.

The basic template is now in place however I am still considering how to best terminate the tool while the user is picking points.  My thought is to terminate the picking process by having the user hit the Enter key.  Unlike the polygon method the user is not needing to return to the start point so there is no natural detection of when the user wants to terminate their picking of points.

Any thoughts on what the most intuitive method of handling this should be?
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