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First look at the electrical symbols legend generated by the plugin:

The secondary toolbar has the icon for generating the legend:

The legend is parametric so every time you click the legend icon/tool it regenerates the legend based on what electrical devices are present in the model.  You can also move (x, y or z) or rotate the legend and it will retain these new coordinates when it is regenerated. 

Initially the legend is drawn at the origin but can be positioned at any location (and retained) by the user using SketchUp's native move or rotate tools.

The overall size of the legend and its text and symbol size is driven by the parameter in the global settings, as is the font of the text which will match the font used by the electrical symbols in the model.

It also appears that you can use SketchUp's native scale tool to scale the legend and it will also retain this setting when regenerated.

Version 1.0.4e - 04.10.2019
- Added an advanced option for wall mounted light fixtures to display the device height with the 2D symbol.

I also resolved a minor bug with the placement of wall mounted light fixtures so I highly recommend upgrading to this latest release.

Version 1.0.4d - 04.09.2019
- Added an advanced option for switches and low voltage outlets to display the device height with the 2D symbol.

There seems to be a demand for the height callout next to the various electrical devices so I'm working at adding it to all wall mounted electrical devices.

First look at the height callout for switches:

Version 1.0.4c - 04.08.2019
- Added the following light fixture category and symbol: Fluorescent (Suspended).

The only other major type of lighting that is missing is track lighting and possibly some variants of existing lighting types that indicate they are LED rather than fluorescent or incandescent.

With fluorescent lighting there is a small text file in each library sub-folder that specifies the dimensions of the light fixture.  Technically the numbers for each light fixture can be set to any value (width, depth, length), they are only used to provide the wireframe preview and help with the placement if you toggle the fixture justification.  I will put out a tutorial on how to use these config files and setup your own custom fixtures.

Version 1.0.4b - 04.07.2019
- Added the following light fixture category and symbol: Fluorescent (Recessed).

Included fixtures are a 2x4 and 2x2 troffer.

Version 1.0.4 - 04.06.2019
- Added the following light fixture categories and symbols: Surface, Recessed, Vanity, Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Fan w/ Light, Fluorescent (Surface Mount).

Now that I've reworked the light fixture module it is much more conducive to adding in additional light fixture categories/types, at some point I may even allow the user to add in custom categories.   I still need to add in the fluorescent suspended and recessed categories and their corresponding symbols.  However, I usually won't add in a category until I have a minimum of one default fixture to place into the library for that category.

Note that when you rotate a light fixture or its box the symbol does not rotate.  The exception to this rule is with the fluorescent (ceiling mounted) light fixtures.  As you can see in the image above both the symbol and label are rotated with the fixture.

First look at wall mounted (surface) fluorescent light fixtures:

First look at vanity light fixtures:

Version 1.0.3 - 04.03.2019
- Added an advanced option for outlets to display the outlet height with the 2D symbol.

If this advanced option proves popular I can also add it to switches, low voltage outlets, safety devices (wall mounted), and light fixtures (wall mounted).

This advanced option is per customer request.

On my own electrical plans I typically don't call out the switch or outlet height however in some cases I have provided a height call out with GFCI outlets installed in the garage.

Version 1.0.9b - 04.03.2019
- Fixed a bug with the data logging module.

Not exactly a critical fix, just another box to check off.  Some of you may have noticed an occasional pop up that warns about an error connecting to the Medeek server.  This fix should resolve that minor annoyance.

Ultimately the number of included electrical devices and fixtures will probably exceed the amount of devices that I want to package as default with the plugin.  My thinking on this is that down the road I can provide "packs" that the user can drop into the appropriate plugin library sub-folder to add more pre-configured components to the plugin. 

For example the commercial electrician or designer may want a much larger selection of fire and safety devices than the average residential designer.  It doesn't make much sense to overly bloat the plugin size to include all of these specialized electrical components when most of the user base will not use them.  Rather it makes sense to provide these electrical device "packs" as an upgrade type feature where the user decides for themselves which additional devices they would like to have available for their use.

Also if enough people utilize this plugin it may also garner the interest of some of the manufacturers who then might be willing to provide some "official" models of their hardware (low poly preferably) for use within the plugin.  Looking at a number of manufacturer's websites lately and there is only a handful that provide any sort of 3D models and those are usually in Revit.  I would like to see more SketchUp models become available.

Medeek Truss Plugin / Re: Updating in SU 2018 Pro
« on: April 02, 2019, 05:04:24 am »
Email me at when you are ready for me to connect and I will see if we can resolve this issue.


I need to add in the option for ceiling fans and ceiling fans with lights.

What would be the suggested 2D symbol for these two light fixture options, I would like to keep it fairly simple but appealing.

Medeek Truss Plugin / Re: Updating in SU 2018 Pro
« on: April 01, 2019, 04:02:09 pm »
I think I know what the issue is.  Do you have Skype or Teamviewer installed?

Version 1.0.9 - 04.01.2019
- Fixed a bug with exterior wainscoting.
- Fixed a bug with midspan blocking and wall presets.
- Added the Shearwall toolbar and icons.

The fix with the midspan blocking and the wall presets is a critical fix if you are using wall presets and I would highly recommend upgrading to this latest version of the plugin.

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