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Tutorial 3 - Seismic Reports (9:28 min.)

Version 1.0.5 - 02.04.2023
- Enabled a PDF Seismic Report generator within the Seismic tab of the Project Information tool.
Once you have enough information specified in the Seismic tab then the "Download PDF Report" button will appear:

The PDF report will something like this (this one is actually a snow load report):

Version 1.0.4 - 01.29.2023
- Added the Seismic tab to the Project Information tool.
- Added site parameters (Building Standard, Risk Category, Site Soil Class) to the General Data tab of the Project Information tool.
- Enabled the USGS lookup tool for the following standards: ASCE7-10, ASCE7-16, ASCE7-22.

This tab is not quite complete. I would like to add a button which allows one to automatically generate a PDF report with the seismic data.  Most of the code for that tool/feature is already in place but I need to still figure out the details between the integration of my website and the back end Ruby connection with SketchUp.

Once that piece of the puzzle is added then this tool actually becomes useful in the real world.
Looks like I have it successfully connecting now:

Honestly, a little bit off the beaten path with this latest series of developments since I am not dealing with your typical SU geometry here, but this goes to show that with the full Ruby backend and a built-in HTML browser just about anything is possible with the SketchUp API.
First look at the Seismic tab of the Project Info tool:

I wish my KML overlay was a little more transparent but it seems to work for now.

I just need to implement the code that connects to the USGS API which pulls all of this seismic data from their database.
Tutorial 2 - Title Blocks (16:33 min.)

Version 1.0.3 - 01.26.2023
- Added the EOR tab to the Project Information tool.
- Added the AOR tab to the Project Information tool.
- Added the Title Block Tool to the main toolbar.
- Added a parametric Title Block tool.

Let me know what you all think of this feature.  Again I don't believe this should replace a proper Title Block in Layout but it will offer a quick and dirty solution in SketchUp for those who don't need or want to go into Layout.

I should probably also put out a short tutorial video on this feature and now it integrates with the Project Information data.
First look at the Title Block tool in action:

Note that these title blocks are being drawn in SketchUp not Layout so they may only have limited utility but I think they still may be useful for those wanting to quickly throw together something for presentation purpose.

The Customer, Architect/Designer and Engineers data is pulled as the default but all of this information can be customized completely.

I call this title block a "no frills" title block, just a functional element that is simply meant to convey the most basic information.
First look at the AOR tab:

Tutorial 34 - Modifying Openings (7:19 min.)

First look at the EOR tab:

Version 3.1.1 - 01.19.2023
- Fixed a bug with ICF Walls.
- Fixed a type in the HTML of the General tab of the Global Settings.

Tutorial 32 - Auto-Dimensioning (9:31 min.)

Tutorial 33 - ICF Walls (5:51 min.)
Version 1.0.2d - 01.19.2023
- Optimized the Google Map API portion of the Project Info tool.
- Choice of map type made persistent across different sessions.

Tutorial 1: Introduction (20.01 min.)
Version 1.0.2c - 01.17.2023
- Fixed a namespace bug with the Grid Tool.