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All the end details are working.  This is an example of a Mansard Parapet truss with 5 panels and different overhangs:

Now I just need to work on the plates and advanced options.

I've got to fix my wife's computer today so that will probably stop me from getting any real meaningful work done on the plugins but at least I've been able to throw together a first draft for the office I want to build.  Any thoughts on improving the design, sometimes once you get an idea in your head it is hard to see outside the box.

I haven't shown the doors or the front porch which will probably be quite small and pressure treated lumber.

- 32'x24'
- 5:12 or 6:12 roof with asphalt shingles
- two rooms
- 9' ceilings
- stemwall foundation with crawlspace
- carpet throughout
- 5/8" wallboard
- 3068 doors, (1) 4040XO, (3) 5040XO
- 11-7/8" I-Joists at 16" o/c
- studs DF No. 2, 2x6 @ 16" o/c
- sheathing will probably be 1/2" plywood, I don't like OSB in our climate.
- Siding Hardiplank or cedar siding, my budget may call for T11 though.
- Electric wall cadet heaters
- 50 AMP sub-panel from house
- 16" overhangs at eaves and gables with gutters and downspouts and 4" drain lines away from building.

I'm trying to figure out the correct way to frame the stairwell as it joins up with the floor diaphragm above. 

It's hard to show exactly what I mean with sectional views, the best thing is to view the 3D model and you will see what I am talking about.

I am working on the polygon and hole tool for I-Joist and Solid Sawn floors.  When you actually frame out this opening would you just use rimboard around the perimeter as I have shown?

Medeek Truss Designer / Load Limits
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:04:43 am »
I have increased the limits of the top and bottom chord loads.

Medeek RC Plugin / Development and Updates for the Medeek RC Plugin
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:03:10 am »
Starting to think about the parameters of the Medeek RC Plugin starting with columns. 

Here is an example of a typical rebar cage.  Given the longitudinal bar spacing this column would require additional ties for the middle bars.

View model here:

The icon or logo for this plugin will be.

Medeek RC Plugin Icon:

Some common configurations of concrete columns:

Version 1.1.2 - 05.06.2017
- Added "Circle Segments" option within the global settings, rebar and mesh polygon counts can now be controlled.

In this example I set the segment number to "5".

The global setting circle segment number will default to 24.

Recently I've received a number of requests for concrete columns to be added to the foundation plugin:

I'm still trying to figure out how to best add a concrete column module, I think it could gain some serious traction.  This would cater more to the industrial rather than the residential side.

I'll use ASDIP Concrete Software as a guide in establishing the various options to include:

Version 1.8.9 - 05.01.2017
- Added energy/raised heels for triple fink truss (3 variant: wedge, slider and vertical w/ strut).
- Metal plate connectors now enabled for triple fink trusses.

The hip truss portion is about 60%.  Between being busy at work and recuperating from my surgery I'm still not 100%, but I do plan on working on the hip truss module next.  That is definitely high on the priority list.

**Fun with Roofs - Episode 1**

My 9 year old son took one look at this roof and then said "Don't build this in Florida, you'll create a sink hole".

View model here:

Version 1.8.8 - 04.28.2017
- Added energy/raised heels for mod fan truss (3 variant: wedge, slider and vertical w/ strut).
- Metal plate connectors now enabled for mod fan trusses.

The trim tool in the Truss Plugin comes in quite handy when dealing with more complex foundation geometry:

For this foundation I used the stemwall (rectangle and polygon) function and the slab (polygon) function.  I had to trim the garage stemwall and also manually create the smaller interior post/beam assemblies.  I also adjusted the position of some of anchor bolts once I cut the doors into the garage stemwall.

View model here:

Throwing a roof onto this foundation is fairly straightforward:

View model here:

Using the rectangular floor primitives I was able to manually create the floor on the previous foundation in about 30 minutes:

If I create the polygon floor tool I will be able to accomplish the same thing in under 10 seconds.  The polygon floor tool in the truss plugin is next...

Version 1.1.1 - 04.23.2017
- Added polygon outline tool for stemwall foundation.
- Enabled perimeter rebar, anchor bolts, vents, and internal footings for (polygon) stemwall foundations.

View model here:

The next improvement would be a web_diaolog input so that more than one internal footing can be specified at a time.

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