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Version 3.3.1 - 09.27.2023
- Fixed a bug with the labeling algorithm for the molding module.
Version 1.9.1 - 09.26.2022
- Added a negative X and negative Y slope direction for slab depressions.

Medeek Truss Plugin / Re: Timber Truss Creation Bug
September 22, 2023, 07:32:23 AM
I'm wondering if this has to do with the modal bug in SU 2023.  What happens if you update SU to the latest version:  2023.1?
Version 3.3.3 - 09.22.2023
- Improved the responsiveness of the "Edit Roof Plane" tool and the "Move Roof Edge" tool for complex roofs.

Previously when a complex roof was positioned on top of any wall assemblies and either of the two tools mentioned above were executed there existed the possibility of collinear edges with the roof assembly and the wall assemblies below.  This conflict would then not allow one to properly select the desired roof edge unless the wall assemblies were hidden, or put on a hidden tag/layer.  This fix should mitigate that problem and allow one to select a roof edge (on the roof outline) without having to take that additional step.

I highly recommend upgrading to this latest version if you are using complex roofs.
Version 3.3.0 - 09.21.2023
- Moved the Geometry Markers section from the General tab to the Walls tab in the Global Settings.
- Added a geometry marker size parameter to the Walls tab of the Global Settings.

The General tab of the Global Settings has become too large (or cluttered) and it made sense to move the geometry markers to the Walls tab.  I also received a number of requests about making the geometry markers larger.  So I figured, why not let the user customize them to the size they would like.

Tutorial 25: Estimating Complex Roofs (13:13 min.)

To better fill the gaps in the mdkBIM Multi-year licensing I've decided to offer one additional licensing price point.  The three permanent licensing options (multi-year) are:

5 Year - $560.00  (Discount Code:  MDK5YEAR)
10 Year - $770.00  (Discount Code:  MDK10YEAR)
30 Year - $980.00  (Discount Code:  MDKLIFE)

Each price point offers a progressively steeper discount as the number of years of licensing increases.

To purchase a lifetime license, login to the Account Manager and then click on the mdkBIM icon.  Click on purchase mdkBIM Suite, then enter in one of the discount codes above.  You will notice that the price will adjusted accordingly and the expiration update date will also reflect the multi-year license.

As mentioned previously if a multi-year license is purchased I am also willing to thrown in the Electrical plugin license at no additional cost and its license will also reflect the same number of years as whatever multi-year option was chosen.
Version 3.3.2 - 09.17.2023
- Added statistics for complex roofs (Medeek Estimator integration).

Version 1.1.4 - 07.01.2023
- Added complex rafter roofs within the Medeek Estimator.
- Added rafter labels (total length) for complex rafter roofs within the Medeek Estimator.

Version 3.2.9 - 09.14.2023
- Fixed a critical bug with loading wall presets in the wall edit menu (metric and imperial).

It was actually two bugs in two separate places but it impacted the same thing, again strange that no one noticed this bug until now or at least it was not fully brought to my attention until today.  Both bugs were simple typos, an easy fix.  This did not affect the wall draw menu and loading presets, only the edit menu.  I highly recommend everyone update their installation to this latest version.
I now have a system in place for those interested in a "lifetime" (30 year) license for the mdkBIM bundle.  If you do purchase the "lifetime" bundle license I will also throw in a lifetime license for the Electrical plugin.  The cost is $980.00 USD which is 3.5X the regular bundle price of $280.00 USD.

If you are interested please email me direct and I will give you instructions how to proceed.  The same 14 day refund policy applies, so please be aware of that (5% restocking fee):

A lifetime license means that you have free upgrades and no renewal fees for the next 30 years (until 2053 if purchased today).

I realize that for many of my older customers (myself included) a 30 year license really has no practical meaning and having to invest almost a thousand dollars is a lot for anyone.

For those that do not want to outlay as much money but still would like to get a multi-year discount I am also offering a 5 year license for $560.00, so basically you are getting five years for the price of two, which is still a fairly substantial discount, but not as deep as the 30 year discount rate. Basically it would be equivalent to paying $112.00 per year for the mdkBIM bundle for a total of five years.
Version 3.3.1d - 09.09.2023
- Fixed a bug within the global settings for complex roofs.
- Updated the straight skeleton algorithm to better remove redundant edges within roof planes/faces.
- Improved the robustness of the complex roof module (framing and cladding) for specific cases.

The complex roof module is now a bit more robust than it was and should be able to handle more cases than it did previously.

However there still does exist the special cases where the fascia line is not all on one level that is still not possible to draw.  The discussion on that topic is presented in this video:

Hip and Ridge is still pending.  Previously I was unable to fully work out the algorithm in order to deal specifically with flying hips.  I will need to give this another hard look and see if my topological problem solving skills have improved since 2021.
Tutorial 41 - Selective Stud Removal (5:37 min.)

Version 3.2.8b - 09.07.2023
- Fixed a bug with the shearwall edit tool.
- Added directional logic into the Move Opening Tool's text entry method.
Version 3.2.8 - 09.07.2023
- Enabled a feature to selectively remove specific studs from any wall assembly.

Note that this feature/option is very similar to the recent truss removal feature added to the Truss Plugin for common trusses and attic trusses.  I've had a number of requests to add something similar into the Wall Plugin so specific studs could be removed.  This update is per multiple customer requests.

I may make a tutorial video for this new feature but I do think it is fairly self explanatory.