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Using the rectangular floor primitives I was able to manually create the floor on the previous foundation in about 30 minutes:

If I create the polygon floor tool I will be able to accomplish the same thing in under 10 seconds.  The polygon floor tool in the truss plugin is next...
Version 1.1.1 - 04.23.2017
- Added polygon outline tool for stemwall foundation.
- Enabled perimeter rebar, anchor bolts, vents, and internal footings for (polygon) stemwall foundations.

View model here:

The next improvement would be a web_diaolog input so that more than one internal footing can be specified at a time.
Medeek Truss Plugin / Re: Development and Updates for the Medeek Truss Plugin
« Last post by Medeek on April 15, 2017, 12:27:31 am »
Then of course to further complicate matters there is the double bobtail truss which is really nothing more than a raised heel truss with unequal heel heights

So rather than add in a completely new category of trusses I suppose I could just allow the user to specify a heel height for both the left and right side of the common truss.  Currently the first menu has the option for a raised heel which is then applied to both sides of the truss.  I think I could just update to be:

Raised Heel Left: YES/NO "Defaults to NO"
Height Height Left (in.): "Defaults to 12" if no user entry"
Raised Heel Right: YES/NO "Defaults to NO"
Heel Height Right (in.):  "Defaults to SAME AS LEFT"
Medeek Truss Plugin / Re: Development and Updates for the Medeek Truss Plugin
« Last post by Medeek on April 15, 2017, 12:26:11 am »
Recently I've had a couple requests for bobtail/stub end trusses.

When specifying how to truncate the truss, what lengths are typically used to control the location of the stub end(s)?

1.)  Stub or heel height.
2.)  Nominal span minus stub length
Version 1.1.0 - 04.14.2017
- Added polygon outline tool for slab-on-grade and slab.
- Enabled perimeter rebar, anchor bolts, and slab reinforcement for (polygon) slab-on-grade foundations.
- Enabled slab reinforcement for (polygon) slabs.
I haven't fully compiled a TODO List for this plugin yet but there are still a number of items that need to be addressed.

- A hole cutting tool that removes the concrete and the rebar and any anchor bolts in the way.
- Square and Rectangular Footings for point loads
- Strip Footings
- A line tool for the stemwall module
- Retaining Walls with Engineering
- Ability to step foundation walls
- Webdialog input for SOG and Stemwall so that interior footings can be configured with ease.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to add to this list.
I think I've got the slab reinforcement working now.  I haven't tested it enough to determine if its really robust enough to release another update but I'll keep testing.

I owe Sdmitch big time for this one.  I've integrated his rebar trim function into the plugin to create a new module that trims the slab rebar or mesh.  I am still trying to figure out exactly how the magic is done but most of it is over my head.

View model here:

A mesh reinforced slab though can get quite heavy with the polygon count so it may only have limited usefulness.
Medeek Truss Designer / Truss designer problem
« Last post by andrewballantine on April 10, 2017, 04:29:08 am »

I have used your truss designer before with success, however it appears to go into an endless loop.
Please find input page attached.
The polygon tool for the slab-on-grade foundations is nearing completion.  I've got the concrete, perimeter rebar, internal footings and even anchor bolts all working.

The only item still pending is the slab reinforcement (mesh/bar).  I've been contemplating devising my own boolean subtraction tool.

I've even managed to create a fillet tool based on TIG's 2D tools that properly applies the correct bend radius to the perimeter rebar.
Any shape is possible even a circular shape by selecting points along an arc.  Now I really need to get the wall plugin going with the same polygon tool that is smart enough to handle typical 90 deg. corners and non-orthogonal corners.

Curved walls and roofs though are still a bit of stretch, but I can see we need to eventually go that direction as well to make everything complete.
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