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Version 2.2.2b - 10.16.2018
- Updated the "Edit Truss Assembly" menu so that it properly loads default values when advanced options are expanded.
- Added a user definable name to truss assemblies that will be utilized in the future options and upgrades.

A number of other "under the hood" updates (to numerous to list) were also incorporated to bring the code more in line with the wall plugin and its more efficient and modular organization scheme.

0.9.8 fixed both Mac and Windows platforms...  The only item noticed was sometimes the menu dialog comes up blank (All White).  Not all the time and you can refresh the size which brings it back.
Not a big problem.

Is the dialog issue (white) coming up in Windows and Mac?

Version 1.1.7 - 10.15.2018
- Name of plugin changed to "Medeek Foundation".
- Updated the licensing system to include a 30 day limit of the trial version.
- Updates to the HTML pages of the global settings.

I haven't spent much time on the foundation plugin in the last year and a half and it is beginning to show.

I have however determined that I can now devise an algorithm for step down foundation stem walls.  A big shout out to Christina Eneroth whose excellent coding and generosity will make this feature possible in the near future.

Making the step down feature fully parametric may be a bit more of a challenge.  I will need to give this some serious thought.

Version 0.9.8b - 10.15.2018
- Fixed a typo/bug in the window module (casing).

This bug was only an issue in imperial templates and when you enabled casing but not ext. trim.

Version 2.2.2 - 10.14.2018
- Name of plugin changed to "Medeek Truss".
- Updated the licensing system to include a 30 day limit of the trial version.
- Updates to the HTML pages of the global settings.

This next week I plan on returning to the multi-pitch hip roof and start back up where I left off a few months ago.  I am also going to be adding in the custom material manager so that the truss plugin has the same capabilities as the wall plugin.

After that the next big push is to make all of the rafter roofs parametric with HTML based edit menus similar to the common truss edit menu.

While all this is going on I would also like to complete the stair module of the wall plugin.  A lot of things to juggle right now.

Version 0.9.8 - 10.14.2018
- Critical update with the global settings module.
- Critical update with the auto-corner configuration module.

I noticed an error that seemed to be common across a number of users and after digging down through the code I think I unearthed the bug that was causing this error.  This error was actually caused by a recent change in the code where I was attempting to improve the performance for larger models (0.9.6).

I believe this fix should address the bug and also augment the performance for large modules.  Sometimes when you try to fix things you break things but in the end it will all work out.

This appears related to a recent change I made to the corner config module, I may have inadvertently broken it.  Can you email me your model and tell me which wall in particular is throwing this error.

Version 0.9.7g - 10.13.2018
- Created icons for the stair module.

Still putting together the HTML menus.  It may be a couple days before this module actually produces useful output.

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, and as I was creating a small two story model of a garage for local customer today it quickly became painfully obvious that I still do not have a good stair plugin or module.

The toolbar for the stairs module will start out with the following two icons, there will probably be additional ones added for concrete or steel stairs in the future:

The basic parameters for the Draw Stairs Menu will be:

0.) Stair Assembly Name:  Auto assigned by the plugin but user can edit this parameter.
1.) Stair Type:  Straight, L-Shape, U-Shape 
2.) Stair Width:  40 inches or 1000mm
3.) Stair Height: (This will be determined by the picking of points and the bottom floor plane) ft-in or mm
4.) Max. Riser Height:  7.75 inches or 200 mm
5.) Draw Risers:  YES/NO
6.) Riser Thickness:  3/4" or 19 mm
7.) Riser Material:  Lumber, Lumber PT, OSB, PLY
8.) Top Tread Flush:  Yes or No (this option will make the top tread flush with the upper level/deck
9.) Tread Depth:  10" or 255 mm
10.) Tread Thickness:  1.25" or 32 mm
11.) Tread Nosing:  1.25" or 32 mm
12.) Nosing Shape:  SQUARE or ROUND
13.) Tread Material:  Lumber, Lumber PT, OSB, PLY, Oak, Birch, Maple, Pine etc... (custom material from material manager in global settings.
14.)  Stringer Qty:  2, 3, 4, or 5
15.)  Stringer Depth:  11.25" or 285 mm
16.)  Stringer Thickness:  1.5" or 38 mm
17.)  Stringer Material:  Lumber, Lumber PT, LSL, LVL
18.)  Stair Framing:  YES, NO, 2D
19.)  Advanced Options YES or NO

The advanced options or parameters are tentatively:

1.)  Thrust Block:  None, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 or metric sizes for metric templates
2.)  Hanger Board:  Yes or No, will default to 3/4" or 19 mm OSB
3.)  Landing Tread:  Yes or No  ( will default to a 3-1/2" landing tread with bull nose to match stair treads)

Eventually I will add other advanced options such as hand rails, skirt boards, gypsum spacers, blocking, brackets etc...

I'm not an expert on stairs but I do have a couple of details where I've considered the various elements of a typical stair case:

L-Shapes and U-Shapes get quite a bit more complicated with the inclusion of a landing.  I will start with just a straight run of stairs first.

Right of the bat I will start with HTML draw and edit menus, no point in messing around with the traditional UI, especially with such a long list of parameters already.

The framing algorithm for stacking windows and doors is going to get very messy, what if the trimmer and kings studs don't exactly lineup?  Then the framing gets really interesting. 

A larger or smaller opening above another will also call for different framing solutions.

This one is going to take some serious thought.

Why do you designers have to make things so difficult?  This one is not really that high on the todo list but it is giving me some serious headaches just contemplating it.

Does anyone have any examples (drawings or pictures) of this sort of situation(s)?

Version 0.9.7f - 10.11.2018
- Window sill qty. callout added to the framing callouts for windows.

Looks like I forgot to add the quantifier for the window sill plate.

Intro Video - The Vision:

The model for this video can be view here:

I am also renaming the Extension Suite/Library to "mdkBIM":

The target audience/disciplines are: 

1.) Designers/Architects
2.) Engineers
3.) Estimators
4.) Contractors

Great videos!  Very informative with many tips we may not have quite known about.  (Cursor placement, menu details)  Great marketing for you too...  Shows how  powerful your plugin really is.
I believe it's time to build the custom materials feature into the Truss plugin!   :)

I agree about the material manager in the Truss Plugin, I will work on that this evening and see what I can do.

Tutorial 3 - Beams and Columns:

The model used in the tutorial video can be downloaded here:

Tutorial 2 - Drawing Walls:

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