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Medeek Wall Plugin / Re: Display Doors in Open State
November 27, 2023, 02:49:01 PM
I can probably add in a global or wall parameter which will regen the doors in their open state.  Typically people want the regen to put them back into the closed state.  I assume you are also aware of the opening tool which does this automatically for you.
Version 3.3.7b - 11.27.203
- Fixed a critical bug introduced with Version 3.3.6.

This is a critical bug fix for all users, please download the latest version of the plugin (3.3.7b).
Tutorial 6 - Annotation Formatting (9:47 min.)

Version 1.3.8b - 11.23.2023
- Added the "Symbol Text Scale" parameter for scaling superscript of 2D electrical symbols.

This update per customer request.

With this update one can scale the 2D symbol superscript of the electrical symbols and make them more visible and legible when exporting to Layout, PDFs or paper.
Version 1.3.8 - 11.22.2023
- Added two additional parameters for annotation formatting.
- Added the "Regen Electrical" function to the primary toolbar, enabled regeneration for all electrical fixtures.
- Moved the "Draw Safety Device" tool to the secondary toolbar.

Version 3.3.7 - 11.20.2023
- Fixed a bug with the hotkey (Up key) for wall panelization in the Draw Wall Perimeter tool.
- Fixed a bug with the Draw Wall Perimeter tool for metric units.

!!!! Critical Bug Fix !!!!
This is a critical bug fix for users of metric units.  I highly recommend upgrading to this latest version for all users.
Tutorial 45 - Menu UI Options (8:08 min.)

Version 3.3.6 - 11.18.2023
- Added a "Menu UI" parameter in the General tab of the Global Settings with the following options: Legacy, Collapsed, Expanded.
- Updated the Wall Draw and Edit menus with the new Menu UI options.
- Fixed a bug with the tee intersection algorithm for rectangular "stacked" walls.

The additional menu options are in response to feedback from multiple users requesting a less busy and simpler menu system.  By default the legacy menu system is selected in the global settings however one can quickly change to one of more advanced "collapsible" systems.  This is my first real crack at this so further refinement may be necessary depending on the feedback I receive.
After shuffling things around a bit:

I've created a new section for framing options/details.  Notice that in this section I've also moved the stud removal parameter, which was formerly in the advanced options (I think it makes more sense to place it in this section).

The advanced options section is unchanged and still very busy with a ton of parameters but I really don't know what to do about it since all of those advanced options are necessary and need to be placed somewhere.  (If you disable the Advanced Wall Options then that whole section is not shown.)

So currently, with the new UI update so far, there are three sections that can be toggled by the user manually.  I should probably also add into the global settings some parameters which will control the default visibility for these sections.
First look at my attempts to simplify the look and feel of the Draw and Edit menus for walls:

I'm no UI expert but my idea is to create collapsible menus for certain sections that are not modified as commonly during regular use.  The "wall start" and "wall end" sections are a good examples of such sections.  Typically the parameters within these two sections are only modified in certain specific situations or when customization is required.

Version 3.3.5 - 11.09.2023
- Added the Copy Opening Tool to the Medeek Wall Tools II toolbar.
- Enabled the Copy Opening Tool for Windows, Man Doors and Garage Doors.
- Enabled subtractive geometry for Beam Assemblies.
- Added additional W-Flange steel beam sizes.

Tutorial 44 - Opening Copy Tool (4:45 min.)

Medeek Wall Plugin / Re: Declining Wall
November 09, 2023, 04:40:27 PM
For this one would probably use the shed option.
Version 3.3.7 - 10.29.2023
- Enabled the "Edit Truss Assembly" function for symmetric cathedral trusses (imperial and metric units).
- Added ceiling gypsum for symmetric cathedral trusses.
- Fixed a minor bug with parallel chord trusses.

Tutorial 43 - Opening Tool (6:01 min.)