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General Forum / 48x28 Garage with Attic and Six Dormers
January 13, 2013, 12:47:08 PM
Currently working on a new garage design with attic and dormers.  This one will be a 3 car garage with a stemwall foundation, 12/12 roof with attic and dormers.  Similar to the previous shop design I will be adding and alternate upstairs floorplan that has an apartment/living quarters for a single or dual occupancy.  Unfortunately, I have been very busy with other engineering work and am just now getting back to the site. 

I've attached a couple screenshots below of the work in progress.  Note, that this time around I am going with a drop top chord on the gable truss so that I can use 2x6 outlookers.  For high wind areas I think this is the better way to go.  It also eliminates the thorny issue of cutting into pre-manufactured trusses.