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The last few days I've been spending some time tightening up the code for the attic truss module.  I will be adding in the heel wedge and slider option for raised/energy heels for this truss type as well as bringing it up to speed with other options.

If I get ambitious I will also add in gable end trusses and plates. 


List of material suppliers and vendors featured in the Medeek Truss Plugin.

Version 2.1.3 - 12.31.2017
- Enabled hurricane ties for fink and howe common trusses.

Testing out the H1, H2.5A and H10A hurricane clips:

The plugin is now able to insert hurricane ties.  I've currently set it up so that they are installed on the exterior of the framed wall with the flanges inward.  Shown below is a Simpson H1 with angled vent blocks.

Here is an example using the Simpson H10A with vertical heel blocks and a raised heel truss connected to a masonry or concrete wall.

Ignore the vent holes in the blocking, I will provide additional options for venting in the near future. 

Note that plugin automatically inserts these ties into the truss component, one on each end.  The simplified H10A component is based on the official Simpson model found at the 3DWarehouse and is dimensionally accurate but with a much lower polygon count and hence much more lightweight.

Here is an example using the Simpson H2.5A hurricane tie.  The upper tab is facing outward by default.  The tie on the other end of the truss is positioned on the opposite of the truss to this one.

I will roll it out for trusses first and then rafter roofs at a later date.

I've specifically created simplified, lightweight versions of the hardware, so that the polygon count is minimal.  With so many components I think it is imperative that the model is carefully constructed so as to minimize its polygon count and keep it as lightweight as possible.

I've been thinking about adding in the option to show H1 ties for rafters and trusses:

I've seen them mounted both on the exterior and the interior with the flanges facing both inward and outward, four possible configurations.  Any preference on how these are typically installed.  I'm sure there is probably not much call for these but it isn't a big deal to add in the option for those that would like to use it.

I am currently featuring Simpson Strong-Tie hardware in the Truss Plugin, not because I am specifically endorsing their products or the brand but because that is  what I am most familiar with and their products are readily available in the US and Canada.  Mitek also makes comparable hardware and probably has better availability outside of the US and Canada.

This type of heel blocking is very typical in my locale (Western Washington State):

View model here:

Version 2.1.2 - 12.18.2017
- Enabled vertical and angled heel blocking within the advanced options for truss roofs.

If you choose to enable vent holes the heelblock menu will prompt for the hole diameter.  The vent hole algorithm will place vent holes in the heel blocking per the truss spacing:

< 12 in. = 1 vent hole
< 16 in. = 2 vent holes
16 in. or greater = 3 vent holes

Let me know if this makes sense, I can always modify it to meet any criteria.  If this sort of thing varies a lot per locale I can also make it more user definable.

The license registration module was causing some problems in isolated cases so I've released a sub-rev. 2.1.1b to address that issue.

If you are trying to enter in your serial number and it does not appear to take, first verify that you are not entering in any leading or trailing white spaces if that does not solve the problem you may be encountering the issue at top, in that case download the latest version which should address the issue fully.

Featured on the SketchUp Extension Inspection:

I am working on adding the heel blocking since it is an option listed in the advanced options.

So far there has not been much call for this feature but a few people have inquired so I figured we might as well add it in for completeness.  The red coloration is for clarity in the image above.

I will probably add the option to allow for venting holes since this is fairly typical in my neck of the woods.

As the number of advanced options have increased (common trusses) the user input menu has slowly grown in size until it is so large that it often does not fit the screen of many laptops and smaller screens.

This problem has been well documented by a number of users for quite some time.

This weekend I spent some time putting together a new HTML menu for advanced options for roof trusses:

I still need to work out the metric version and also all of the language translations but otherwise I think it is almost ready to roll out.

As you mouse over each of the options a 320x240 image will display as shown, hopefully clarifying the meaning or usage of each parameter/option.

The reason I am taking so long with complex rafter and truss roofs is the possible permutations is making things very challenging.

For example take the truss roof below:

I'm assuming there are no interior bearing walls and we want to clearspan the entire building outline.  I can get the basic roof and truss layout by creating to hip truss sets as primitives but that is where it then becomes very interesting.

As you can see there are two mid-building girder trusses that then catch the mono pitch sub-girders which are each supporting two common trusses.  Next to the sub-girders is a small valley set (half valley) that fills in the roof behind the sub-girders. 

The largest span is 36', which is reasonable.  This appears to be the simplest way to truss this roof out but is probably not the only solution.  A good truss technician could tell me how close I am to the optimal solution.

Granted the complex rafter roof is not IMHO as hard a problem but it also has similar difficulties and issues. 

View model at this link:

Version 2.1.0 - 11.28.2017
- Added Northeast hip set trusses.
- Enabled advanced options for northeast hip sets.
- Added energy/raised heels for northeast hip set (3 variants: wedge, slider and vertical w/ strut).
- Added the option for open vs. closed end jacks.
- Added the option for a drop in purlin frame.
- Enabled a graphical user interface for Truss Set selection.

I only plan on adding the midwest and california variants if requested.

Parameters for the door jamb detail:

I'm not sure how far I will take this plugin, I was only intending to create a very simple plugin to integrate with the Wall and Truss plugins however I can see already that there is a need for a very robust and full featured window and door plugin.

The plugin logo will be: 

The tool bar thus far:

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