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I've added in a language option into the General tab of the Global Settings:

I currently have nine languages that I will support however if there are any others that you would like to see added please feel free to suggest one.

I think this method is preferable over using the locale of the installed plugin since someone that is running a french version of SketchUp may want to run the plugin in English or some other combination.  This allows the user to customize their user experience exactly.

My first menu in Japanese:

Fortunately, I know a little Japanese so I think I've got these more or less correct.  I will probably need to have a native Japanese speaker who is familiar with the construction industry check these over for me.

Starting to make some head way on the translation / language support:

I've decided to devise my own language handler since I could not get the built in one to work.

The upside is that this allows me so support any language I choose, not just the languages supported by SketchUp.  I will be adding in an option in the general settings where the user can select their language of choice.

I will also be storing the language data in a new sub-folder "lang".  My intent is to be able to make it possible for the user to add their own language file and translations if they need to.

Version 2.0.7 - 11.16.2017
- Added license tab to the global settings.
- Minor updates to the licensing system.

I've spent a couple days on adding language support but was unable to roll it out with this latest release.  I will keep working on this in the next few days and hopefully have something to show for my efforts with the next major release.

As far as languages go I am planning on producing language files for each of the SU supported languages. 

Any help with translating some of these very construction specific terms and phrases would be greatly appreciated.  Google translate seems to work quite well but I don't completely trust some of its translations.

The Medeek Seal of Authenticity:

This will be shown in the new license tab of the plugin global settings when the copy is fully registered.

Version 2.0.6b - 2017.11.11

I've added a text file in the materials sub-folder that allows one to modify the available materials (colors) for the gutters within the global settings menu.

The default values are:


If all of these custom materials are deleted then only "white" will be available "FFFFFF" in the global settings.

The first six letters is the RGB value for the color, the description after the colon is the color name.

Version 2.0.6 - 11.10.2017
- Added gutters and downspouts for rafter and truss gable roofs.
- Added gutters and downspouts for dutch gable rafter roofs.

I still need to add gutters to monoslope truss roofs, shed roofs and some other specialized truss roofs.  Adding the gutters to the common truss roof became slightly more complicated when I realized I also had to deal with roof returns and their various configurations.

This gable roof has a hip return with fully wrapped gutter, you can also choose to half wrap or no wrap (linear gutter only at eaves, does not wrap around corner).

The dutch gable is really no different than the regular hip roof, when it comes to the gutter and its configuration, but internally it is a completely different set of advanced options.

Half wrap of a hip roof return:

All of the gutters and downspouts are constructed as solids so that it is easy to manipulate them with Pro's boolean tools or other third party solid tools.

Version 2.0.5c - 11.07.2017

- Fixed a minor bug with the gutter layer for installation upgrades of the plugin.

If you have version 2.0.5b please upgrade to this version or be sure to open up the global settings and click on the layers tab, this will create the default gutter layer setting.

Version 2.0.5b - 11.06.2017

- Fixed a minor bug with the downspout module, downspout solid is now a uniform extrusion with no unnecessary seams or edges.


K-Style gutter with "2x3" downspouts.

I may need to add a few more user configurable variables:

- offset from bldg. corner (currently I have it offset 0" from the framing)
- offset from framed wall (currently I have it offset 1" from the framing)
- downspout radius (currently set at 3" @ CL)
- downspout drop (currently set at 3" before the first bend)

Right now these values are all hard coded into the plugin.


Version 2.0.5 - 11.05.2017
- Added gutters and downspouts for rafter and truss hip roofs.
- Gutter menu added to the global settings.
- Custom roof layer added for gutters in the layer menu within the global settings.

I still need to add gutters and downspouts to the gable roofs (truss and rafter).

Four gutter types with two different downspout types.

This is a new feature so please send me your feedback and I will try to address all of the issues.

Preview of the E-Style or "Box Gutter":

Note that I've also added the downspout options and parameters.  The units don't show in this screen shot but they will within the plugin.

This type of gutter is probably more common in commercial applications.

The gutter extension is how much the gutter extends past the rake board on a gable roof, this does not apply to a hip roof or dutch hip roof.

The vertical offset is the distance the gutter drops down from the top edge of the fascia board, the default is zero.

With a metric template the dimensions are given in mm or metres with the grid shown in cm.  In US units dimensions are in inches or feet with the grid shown in inches.

Version 2.0.4c - 10.30.2017

This sub-release has the gutter menu added to the global settings as well as a new roof layer added for gutters in the layer menu.

You can't actually create any gutters yet but you can test out the new GUI in the global settings and offer any feedback.

I am still working out the algorithm for the downspouts.  My intent is to use the standard rectangular profile downspout material for the K-Style gutter and a round profile downspout for the U-Style (half round) gutter.

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