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Medeek Wall Plugin / Estimating for pre-fab wall panels
February 11, 2022, 10:02:50 AM
Hello, I work for a company that does pre-fabricated wall panels, with a miter saw station and build table, etc. I am attempting to recreate the style of panel drawings that they use, for personal projects. With the estimating tool, I'm not sure why I seem to not be able to download the .CSV file with walls where there is a column in them. I have also had some weirdness happening with the ends of plates and corners when adding the columns. My solution was to just copy the readout on the estimator tool into Excel, and I'm wondering if this is a bug or if I need to do something to include the column in the estimation.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is that in the plans that I'm trying to recreate there is a section including sheathing overhang and stud offset measurements, as well as having seperate top plate measurements when there are cutouts. Is this something that will be included when the plan tool is completed? I have used the scene generate tool and manually added this information for this project.

Thanks, Jim