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Version 3.0.4 - 09.15.2022
- Added XPS foam insulation as a built-in cavity insulation option.
- Added XPS foam insulation as a built-in sheathing option.

In the material folder I've also included a zero-border version that can be utilized as a custom material.
Version 3.0.3 - 09.12.2022
- Reorganized the door draw and edit menus to include an annotations section.
- Added a "door swing angle" parameter for single and double doors.
- Added the door swing angle parameter to the Door tab of the global settings.

The preset angles are: 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135.  The door swing angle for the door symbol can be set on a per door basis and can also be set to a default value within the global settings.  This update per customer request.
Version 3.0.2b - 09.06.2022
- Fixed a bug with wall presets introduced with the addition of the Label Rotation parameter from Version 2.9.8.

This bug affects wall presets within the "Draw" menu only.  The issue was already correct in the "Edit" menu.  I strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to this version of the plugin if you have Version 1.9.8 or later currently installed.
An actual mud hut:


In all seriousness though there are number of building methods (ie. rammed earth, adobe, cobb, stone etc...) which could utilize the flexibility of custom framing materials:

Version 3.0.2 - 09.05.2022
- Enabled custom materials for wall framing within the global settngs.
- Enabled custom materials within the "Wall Framing Material" parameter for all wall types.

With this update you are no longer constrained to set number of material/texture options for the wall framing.  You can now use your own custom material for wall framing.  The update was also per customer request.
Version 3.0.1 - 09.03.2022
- Added a "Label Location" parameter for windows: AUTO, INT, EXT.
- Added a "Label Location" parameter for doors: AUTO, INT, EXT.

You can now manually configure the window and door labels to be on the interior or exterior of the wall on a per opening basis.  The feature added per customer request.
Version 3.1.8 - 08.29.2022
- Added a parameter into the general tab of the global settings to allow for adjustment of the size of labels and annotations.
- Added a parameter into the general tab of the global settings to allow for adjustment of the font for text found within annotations and labels.
- Added a "resolution" parameter into the general tab of the global settings for adjusting the smoothness of annotation text.
- Added a "Label Rotation" parameter (0 or 180 degrees).
- Enabled various annotation options/parameters for truss roofs.

Basically just bringing some of the annotation formatting options over from the Wall Plugin.  I will still need to enable these options for rafter roofs, hip sets and complex roofs.  This update per user request.
Version 3.1.7 - 08.26.2022
- Enabled the following 3D roof cladding material for shed rafter roofs: Metal.

Version 3.0.0 - 08.22.2022
- Fixed a bug created by the upgrades in Version 2.9.9.
- Updated some of the Global Settings tabs to display the status message at the top of the HTML page.
Version 2.9.9 - 08.21.2022
- Enabled an option to specify the location of beam pocket king studs for in-wall columns: LEFT, RIGHT, BOTH.
- Fixed a number of minor bugs related to in-wall columns.

Tutorial 31 - Custom Window and Door Casings (15:42 min.)

It's crazy to think that about seven years ago I started these plugins (Oct. 2015) and really had no idea where this might go.  With the SketchUp API I've managed to turn SketchUp into a program or environment where you can automatically generate architectural geometry that would normally take a program like Revit or Chief Architect.  The API along with the full Ruby language essentially makes it possible to customize SketchUp in just about any way possible, which is what makes it so powerful and fun to tinker with.

Thank-you SketchUp and all the people along the way who created this amazing 3D drawing environment and for me a programmer's paradise.
Version 2.9.8 - 08.13.2022
- Added a "Label Rotation" parameter for all wall types (0 or 180 degrees).
- Added a default "Label Rotation" parameter into the General tab of the Global Settings.

Version 2.9.7 - 08.09.2022
- Enabled the following CUSTOM casings for rectangular windows: CUSTOM, CUSTOM D, CUSTOM F, CUSTOM G.
- Added a thumbnail preview into the edit and draw window menus showing the custom casing profiles.
- Added a thumbnail preview into the Window tab of the Global Settings and added the custom profile parameter.
- Added a STYLE G casing option for rectangular windows.
- Fixed a compatibility bug with CUSTOM door casings.

View model here:
First look at Style G applied to a window:

Version 2.9.6 - 08.07.2022
- Added STYLE G and CUSTOM G casing options for rectangular doors.

I had to add in these two styles since they are used in our own home.  I think I have finally beaten this horse to death but if there are any other styles you feel should be added please feel free to contact me or post them here.

The profile for the upper molding is found in the "system" sub-folder of the "library" folder.  It can be edited and customized by the user.  The file name is: CM_HEADER.skp