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Medeek Wall Plugin / Re: Windows and doors not appearing
December 23, 2023, 08:42:16 PM
Yes, I realized this after I watched a few video tutorials. I should have done that first before asking dumb questions!

Thanks for answering anyway.
Medeek Wall Plugin / Windows and doors not appearing
December 22, 2023, 09:21:18 AM
I have just installed the trial version of the wall plugin.  The walls appear as expected but when inserting a window or door only the empty opening and the framing around it appear.  There are no jambs, trims, sashes, slabs or any other geometry for the these items.

I'm using Sketchup 2022 Pro

Is there a setting in the app that needs to be turned enabled?  Is there a door/window library that needs to be installed?  Or is this a restriction of the trial version?

Regarding this post:

     "...make the plugin(s) more valuable and worth the additional cost."

I meant to respond to this some time ago but, many other things always seem to intrude.  I'm sure you can relate.

We are a modular building manufacturer that have, only recently, expanded into wood framed shop built structures.  I have just started to included Sketchup and your plug-in in the design process, and I am still developing the means to use these apps in a complete design process (hopefully). 

For our use, the truss plug-in would be mainly used to fill in some data for planning purposes, since we do not actually fabricate trusses.  It would help to explain what people should see when the trusses are erected, plan roof lifting operations and provide weight data.

The floor truss/joist module is a different story.  In addition to the previous items, it may allow us to actually produce shop drawings that explain how to fabricate the floors, produce cut lists and "pre-solve" assembly problems that inevitably arise on the shop floor.  The highly anticipated wall framing app will hopefully allow us to do the same.  These abilities would make the wall plug-in more valuable than the roof truss (only) plug-in and thus, easier to justify a higher cost than a mere $30, especially considering the price of similar extensions that run in AutoCad or Revit.

I'm a registered user of the truss plugin  but I don't see a flag at my location.  I have a paid serial number for the plugin....does that automatically register me or is there another step?


Thank you for this.

For me, having the hip trusses sets now makes this plug-in complete.  Anything after this is gravy!


I can't speak for others, but with the floor opening supported by bearing walls below, as you have modelled here, then, yes, I would line the opening with rim boards (as compression members only).   These are cheaper than structural I-joist and easier to fasten together for this purpose.

Of course, if the opening is not supported by lower walls then the opening must use the structural I-joist for doublers and trimmers around it. Rim boards are not allowed for bending members I believe.

And if the floor is framed from sawn lumber instead of I-joist then the structural members are the same as the rim board material anyway.


I'm very impressed with this plug-in.  Looking forward to seeing the wall framing one as well.

Any ETA for the completion of the hip truss portion of the app? 

I know programming for this portion is likely extremely complex but the lack of complete hip truss automation is the biggest impediment to using this in a working environment us.